New Study Says Chocolate Milk Is Heart-Healthy


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Does your child prefer sweet chocolate milk to standard white cow juice? Do you oblige, then freak out in a panic because you're letting your child ingest the sugary goodness in an effort to ensure he at least gets some of the vitamin D- and calcium-rich drink? 

Relax. A new study out of Spain suggests that low-fat or skim chocolate milk has similar heart health benefits to wine. Cheers! Bottoms up! Make my tot's a double!

Like a goblet of red, a sippy cup of chocolate milk contains antioxidants that work to prevent heart disease by increasing levels of "good" cholesterol and protecting against artery damage. Increased blood flow, less platelet stickiness and clotting, and less bad cholesterol are also among the benefits of slurping down a cup of chocolate milk. Here's to many brown milk mustaches!

Does your kid prefer white or chocolate milk?

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RanaA... RanaAurora

Ugh, sorry, the idea of promoting Nestle along with the words "health" is kind of... hypocritical.

Anyway, the idea is that children will drink more MILK if it's flavored.  It's why there's a huge push to KEEP chocolate milk (low-fat) in schools - because at least they're drinking milk.

I know some people disagree about the nutritional benefits of milk, but when it's between sugar-laden fake juice, soda or milk... I choose milk for my kiddos.

sodapple sodapple

my child prefers plain old white milk, i even tried to give her strawberry flavored and i ended up drinking it so, white milk in this house is the best =-D

nonmember avatar Christine Coppa

My tot loves white milk and will not drink flavored, or milk shakes or Pediasure! He does love yogurt drinks.

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

I give my kids white milk. The only time I really offer up chocolate milk is when we are at IHOP. I figure their meals have already gone to shi* with the chocolate chip pancakes they devour... plus - i like to sneak a sip.

nonmember avatar michelle

MY two boys ages six and seven love love love white milk, they will not drink hardly anything else let alone flavored milk, we go through three gallons of two percent milk each week and they get two cartons of skim milk at school lunch each day. Both are very active into sports and daredevils and have never broken a bone.

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