Mom Confession: I Spank My Toddler Behind My Husband's Back

Suzanne Murray

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It's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

When we had our first son, my husband and I agreed we would never spank him. My husband thinks spanking is okay when it's warranted. I said NEVER. Well, now that my son is 4, and I have 3 children, I lose it and I've spanked him. But I don't tell my husband nor have I ever done it in front of him. I'm afraid he'll do it too often ... so I don't want him to know I spank our child. -- anonymous


When you and your husband agree to the kind of discipline you will impose on your kids, is it okay to do something else without his knowledge?

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If you have a confession you'd like to share, email with TODDLER MOM CONFESSION in the subject line. (We'll keep it between us.)

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