Cutting the Apron Strings

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I remember my son's first field trip: He was just 2 and his day care class--14 two to four year olds--we're going to walk about a quarter mile down the road to visit the post office. Still, I was nervous. As a first time mom, lots of scenarios crossed my mind: What if the class starts misbehaving, and my son darts off the sidewalk into the road? What if a stranger scoops him up while the teacher is dealing with another child's tantrum?

It turned out fine, of course. My son got to mail his first letter and was still sitting at our dinner table that night. And there's been plenty of other trips since. But first field trips are a pretty big milestone for us protective den mothers, as redheadmommy78 describes in the CafeMom Newcomer's Club:


"My daughter is supposed to go on a field trip this week to a farm. She's 4. I have my 1 year old with no one to watch her tomorrow so I can't go. Should I still let her go?  I'm worried with them being out at a farm with other kids and her getting lost. How will I know she will be watched? What would you do?"


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