Toddler Talk: Carolyn, 5, on the Tooth Fairy

toddler girl
Photo by Cafe Cynthia
Every week at Toddler Talk, we'll interview a tot on topics of interest to kids (and adults) everywhere. This week, 5-year-old Carolyn answers some questions about the Tooth Fairy (with a little help from her big brother Aidan).


Has the tooth fairy ever visited your house?

Yeesss [sniff, sniff, starts crying, mom thinks, Oh, Lord, what now].


Did you ever get to see her … wait, Carolyn, why are you crying about the tooth fairy?

Because [sniff sniff] I never got to see the tooth fairy [more crying].

[Older brother Aidan, age 6, comes to help with interview.]


What does the tooth fairy look like?

She has red hair, green eyes, and a white dress.


Have you ever lost a tooth?

C: No because I’m 5. You only lose them when you're 6 or 7.

A: No, you’re wrong, Carolyn. You lose them when you’re 5.

C: No! [screaming] You lose them when you’re 6 or 7!!!

[Starts crying again, mom regrets asking older brother to help.]


Why do kids lose their teeth?

C: Because they need other teeth to grow in.

A: No! It’s because you have little teeth and you need bigger teeth and the bigger teeth can’t come in before the little teeth fall out.

C: [on the verge of crying again]

[Mom explains that both answers are correct, Aidan please stop picking fights, this is supposed to be fun, dang it all, now chill out everybody and just answer the questions.]


Are you excited about the day you’ll lose your first tooth?

Yes, because I’ll get money.


What will you do when it comes out?

Put it in a bag and put it underneath my pillow.


What will the tooth fairy bring you?

Money. Three dollars.


Do you have a special message you want to send the tooth fairy?

C: Mooommm! I told you before, you can’t see the tooth fairy! I think the tooth fairy wants teeth because she wants a drink. She cuts the teeth open and sucks the blood.

A: No! You’re wrong, Carolyn! She doesn’t cut the teeth; she just takes the teeth and she has like a 3,000 infinity vacuum mouth or something and she just sucks the blood out and it goes, wham, right into her mouth and then …

[Mom abruptly concludes interview.]

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