"Max & Ruby": The Mystery of Their Absent Parents Revealed!


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Every night at 6 p.m., two chubby white bunnies enter my living room and babysit my son while I clean the dinner dishes. I'm talking about Nick Jr.'s Max & Ruby, or as my 2 1/2-year-old son says, "MaxRuby!!!"

I happen to adore this show -- I love their warm, cozy house -- I bet it smells like soup. Ruby sings impromptu songs about "eating cookies and drinking cherry juice" -- we should all be so gleeful about our meals. "I'm going to nosh on a green salad with grilled shrimp for lunch today, woo!" (See what I mean?)

And Max, I credit that mischievous bunny with increasing my son's vocabulary. He usually says one word, like "monster," throughout an episode. It's a creative way to reinforce one word at a time. With all that said, where the heck are Max & Ruby's parents? I'm bursting with curiosity.

In an exclusive interview with Nick Jr., Rosemary Wells, the author of the highly acclaimed children's books the show is based on, says: "We don't see Max and Ruby's parents because I believe that kids resolve their issues and conflicts differently when they're on their own. The television series gives kids a sense about how these two siblings resolve their conflicts in a humorous and entertaining way."

Bravo! I'm all for a little self-serving when it comes to my son picking up his toys, and I love watching him figure out how to do things. The other day, instead of asking me for help carrying 10 Matchbox cars into the bathroom (for our nightly game of car wash), he threw them all in a dump truck and pushed it into the bathroom -- what a smartie!

What do you think about Max & Ruby? Love or hate the show? Do you think it's weird their parents never make a cameo?



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jeann... jeannesager

I hate this show with a passion! Ruby is such a nag -- if I were the parents, I wouldn't want to show my face and admit I raised such a brat!

RanaA... RanaAurora

Ruby is such a Type-A irritation perfectionist freak and if she'd listen to her brother for two seconds, it'd solve all her issues.

I love the show though, seriously.  I really do.  But even my son thinks Ruby is a bosy, mean brat, and that BOTH of them are too young to do a lot. 

Rosemary's comment is okay... but the show takes it above and beyond to where they're practically orphaned and do a LOT of things that are not age appropriate whatsoever.

Pishyah Pishyah

I hate the show but completely disagree with jeanne immensely.  I think Ruby is an amazing character and parent figure.  She is always calm, tries to remain happy, and I love it.  Max is where my issue lies.  I saw nothing wrong with the show for a while until my son started picking up bad habits and I felt that the show only reinforced them, if not taught them.  My son has a perfectly fine vocabulary but will harp on one word for hours or a whole day.  I also hate seeing Max disobey Ruby repeatedly and always end up with what he wants. 

nonmember avatar subWOW

Thank you so much! I have always wondered about that. For real. I love Rosemary Well's explanation. Antithesis to the rampant Helicopter Parenting style. 

nonmember avatar Colleen

At our house, its "MAX AN' WOOBIE!!!" I do think its a bit odd that their parents aren't around. I mean, they've gone into the city shopping for clothes by themselves! (Remember? Max wants the robot shirt and Ruby wants to splurge on a new dress?) But otherwise I don't think its harmful...not particularly helpful, either, but its just a kid's show people, sheesh!

Julie... JulieMarsh

Love the message, but like Rana said, I have to draw the line when they're downtown shopping for Grandma (who, mysteriously, is always around) and they have to hit the laundromat to clean Max up.

nonmember avatar Execumama

It's on of my absolute favorite shows! My daughters (6 and 4) are also huge fans of the show and the book series.  Great problem-solving and sibling conflict resolution in the episodes.  Thanks for this interview. 

nonmember avatar Angela

I love this show, and so does my 4 year old.

I actually like it as a good example of how an older sibling can help a younger sibling. Ruby is very patient with her little (sometimes annoying) brother, and I can only hope my son will be even half that patient when he has twin sisters hanging around him all the time!

As for the parents, well they ARE rabbits. I figured they're off parenting the rest of their babies somewhere. lol

Peajewel Peajewel

I happen to agree with RanaAurora all the way up until she says she loves the show.  (hee hee)  But for real, I dislike Ruby so much it bugs me.  How wrong is that?  A cartoon gets on my last nerve.  I also think they can at least show their parent's, they show their Grandma every once in awhile.  But daughter happens to like the show, so we watch it but if I can avoid it, I do. 

RanaA... RanaAurora

JulieMarsh, that episode sticks out in my head too.  Or the one where Ruby keeps sending Max ALONE to the store for cake ingredients.  He's like, TWO.

I don't see where people think Ruby is patient.  She never listens to Max for a second until the end of every episode where she FINALLY realizes what he's beeb saying all along.

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