Toddler Finger Foods: Mum-Mums Are the Perfect Snack

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Stuck in a snack rut and need a healthy new idea for your toddler?

Check out Mum-Mum organic rice biscuits. A friend recently introduced me to them, and I only wish she had done so sooner.


The thin rice crackers, which come in original and strawberry flavors, are safe for almost any child, no matter how many allergies he or she may have. They're organic, contain no artificial flavors or colors, and are wheat, lactose, egg, and peanut-free.

Bonus: They're not messy!   

They're wrapped in little individual bags of two, which make them great for tossing into the diaper bag, and my daughter loves them.

If you have younger ones, they also have Baby Mum-Mum rice rusks, which would make a great early food. These do contain dairy -- but they're gluten, egg, and peanut-free.

Unfortunately, the only place I've been able to find Mum-Mum is at Babies R Us and Toys R Us or through online vendors like Amazon, but they're worth the hunt.

Have you tried Mum-Mum?

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