Babysitter Questions to Ask: Clean Driver's License


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Good babysitters are like gold, and we parents are known for having a list of must-have qualities a mile long.

When you're scouting for a good sitter, you can spout off the list at random to friends who might have a lead. Which is exactly what my friend V. did last week.

"I need someone responsible, stable, with a driver's license," she said.

A driver's license?

She was talking about a teen sitter for the summer, someone to cart her toddler to and fro to the summer activities that suddenly dominate the schedule when your kid is old enough to, well, toddle.

Confession: I'm terrified of my toddler getting in a car with just anyone -- especially a teenager. 

My baby brother was technically still a teen when she was born, but save for him with his strict requirements that he drive extra-slow with her in the car (and she has him so wrapped that he listened to her every instruction), she's never been in the car with a teen driver. And if I can help it, she never will.

I'm not alone -- in a forum over at DadLabs, parents' feelings on the driving sitter ranged from "why not" to "I won't even let them operate the microwave."

But I'm also not afraid to ask potential sitters for their driver's license number and to check up with the DMV to find out if their driving record is clean.

The rules on that vary from state to state -- there's a handy tool on that links out to the process for all 50 states.

Do you let the sitter drive your kids around?

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butte... butterflyspiral

Honestly I have never thought about it, but I would think if I trusted a teen enough to watch my daughter that would also mean I would trust them to drive her some where.  (I should point out I've never left my daughter anywhere other than daycare or with my parents so far.  She will be 3 in July).  However, when I was a teenager I babysat a lot and I always took kids places in my car.  I never even thought twice about it, and I don't think the parents did either.  At least none of them ever voiced any concern to me. 

Trish... Trish12345

You have a number of candidates lined up for babysitter interviews. To ensure that you hire the best possible candidate for your child, it’s helpful to be prepared. Here’s a list of five questions you should ask at a babysitter interview.

1.  Ask what experience your babysitter candidates have had and whether they have any experience with a child in the same age group as yours.   You may want to ask your candidates to tell you stories of some of their best and some of their most difficult experiences in babysitting children in the same age range as your children.

2.  Ask for references that...

Annie Green

This was always one of the things I worried about with my kids. I used to get anxious over carpools and field trips. I got better as they got older, and they were always fine. I think it is just part of parenting.

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