Toddler Shoes: Stylish and Machine-Washable

pediped shoes
Adrian shoe; Pediped
Machine-washable: Those two words are music to a mom's ears. My daughter can wear a brand-new pair of shoes once and they look like they've been around the block a few times -- and they have. Toddlers play and they play hard.


The smart folks at Pediped created a line of cute, machine-washable shoes for kids. Your kid wears them, you throw them in the wash (no dryer though, you have to air dry), and they'll look all spiffy -- until the next go-round.

My daughter wears Chuck Taylors and I have no problem tossing those babies in the wash, but there are other sneakers and shoes that are a lot tougher to clean. Pedipeds seem like a pretty good option for some, though I've never tried them.

Do you wash your kids' sneakers? Have you ever tried Pedipeds?

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