My Autism Story: Rita's Grandson Was "Stolen Away"

Rita's grandson, Lane


This is one of those sudden and scary autism stories you sometimes hear about that makes you ask, "How could vaccines NOT be a cause of autism?"

Lane was a regular 19 month old, talking in complete sentences and developing normally in every way until the day he walked into the doctor's office and met a nurse armed with six booster shots.

Since that day the old Lane has completely disappeared.

Rita, (MamaRita on CafeMom) Lane's grandmother, shares the sad and eye-opening tale of her now 11-year-old grandson, who continues to endure severe effects from this mysterious condition.

How old was your grandson when you first suspected he might have autism?

Lane was 22 months when we knew for sure something bad had happened to him. He went from talking, counting, and reciting the entire alphabet to squatting in a corner flipping a stuffed animal, completely zoned out. He wouldn't laugh, talk, or communicate anymore. Then the meltdowns from hell begin. He was miserable in his own skin.

How did you react at hearing the diagnosis? Did your feelings change over time?

We were devastated. The Lane we knew was gone, replaced with a different child. There was nothing we didn't try to help him. Over the past nine years we have accepted what happened to Lane, but will never accept why it happened to him. To us, it was like a drunk driver came into the yard and hit him in the head changing the person he was forever. To us the drunk driver was a doctor or nurse with needles filled with poison. 

What is his exact diagnosis?

He was diagnosed by Dr. Stephanie Cave, one of the top experts from Defeat Autism Now research institute. She told us: "Lane has vaccine poisoning, causing him to have mercury poisoning, an overload of toxic metal injected into him, too much too soon, and he would forever be labeled with autism." Mercury poisoning and autism mirror one another -- same symptoms, different reason.

What are three things you wish someone would have told you about autism that you had to learn on your own?

I wish we had had the information now that is out there about what really causes autism. There is no such thing as a genetic epidemic, with 1 in 100 now diagnosed with autism, this is proof that something external is causing this. A true child with autism is born with it. Lane was totally typical, and then regression set in. He was injured.

What's been your greatest resource for information and support?

All of the awesome doctors, like Andrew Wakefield, Sherry Tenpenny, the list in endless. These people have given us a voice and a door with tons of info. Jenny McCarthy was our first real voice.

What's the most challenging part of dealing with a child with autism?

Everything. One of the worse things for Lane is his digestive tract. The MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) shot caused the live measles virus to break out in his stomach. He lives with pica, an eating disorder where kids crave non-food items like dirt and rocks. It's a complete nightmare. He has no social skills, he is not mainstreamed in school, and we are still trying to teach him to read, write, etc.

Among the most challenging of all is getting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to admit what is going on. The feds love money way more than healthy children. Most all children that have been vaccinated have compromised immune systems that lead to constant ear infections and other illnesses.

Tell us something that makes your grandson special.

His lovable ways, the kisses and hugs, the intensity of love he shares with us, his beautiful smile. This list is also endless, We notice the little things, so small most parents wouldn't notice, but with autism spectrum disorder, you notice it all.

The debate around the cause(s) of autism is very heated right now. What do you think causes autism?

I have been researching nonstop for nine years now: Genetics and the environment loads the gun. Vaccines pull the trigger. Way too many, way too soon.


Talk with Rita and other moms and relatives of children with autism in the Parenting Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder group on CafeMom.



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kisse... kisses2miangel

Its a very scarey thought, that public schools force us to vaccinate and you never know what can happen.

spamica spamica

You do not have to vaccinate to send your child to public school unless you live in West Virginia or Mississippi.

MadsM... MadsMom04

This is why we have delayed Lucas' vaccines. He is 16 months old right now and developing right on track. His shots will wait till he is mentally developed for school..then I will decide what we will do about vaxing completely.

nurse... nursetroutt

Thanks for sharing your story Rita.

wides... widespreadpanic

Rita you are a true Inspiration to so many Families. Thank you for sharing Lanes Truth. We are not Anti-Vaccine we are Anti Toxin.

wills... willsmomstacie

God Bless you Rita and that precious boy. Thanks for your tireless work to educate and fight for our kids.

Mommy... MommyJanice44

The world needs to hear what can happened, they hear only one side of all these story's . Glad you had the chance to share what happend with Lane hopfully open the eye's to many of those who are not aware of what can happen with the vaccines . Thanks Rita .

MamaRita MamaRita

Thank all of your for your kind words, those of us dealing with this all wear the same shoes. I feel so blessed to have this wonderful circle of friends here on this big internet. This April has been 3 years ago I started this journey with many of you & we have such a bond. It's such a good feeling to have have people in your life that truly understand. Thanks to all of you. A big Thanks to CafeMom for printing my story & so many other's in supporting Autism Awareness Month. Rita

bamsm... bamsmom2001

Love you Rita. I'm so happy to see your story out here!

hopea... hopeandpeace

I had an autistic son when Autism was rare. No one knew much so I went on my own instincts and did everything I could to draw him into the world. Doctors wanted me to put him away, but I couldn't, he was and is my son. Today, my son lives in a group home with other Autistic adults whom he affectionately calls his people, works a part time job and is happy. I know I did good and we have a great relationship and life looks wonderful again:-)

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