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Today's guest blogger is Katie Olson (aurorabunny), mom to 3-year old Brody, who has autism.

Every week, Katie shares the ongoing struggles and triumphs that often come with parenting a child with special needs. This week she shares 10 common myths about autism.

My friend bamsmom2001 wrote this and it really resonated with me. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, I wanted to share it with all of you.

Myth #1: Eye contact is impossible for someone with autism.
Some people with autism find making eye contact with others difficult, but others have no problem whatsoever.

Myth #2: People with autism can't show affection.
My son is the biggest snuggle bug ever! Being able to snuggle up has never been a problem for him. For some, it is, but not all.

Myth #3: If a child is progressing, he never had autism.
This is not true. It takes work and patience, but progress is possible!

Myth #4: People with autism cannot communicate.
If someone with autism is nonverbal, they have other ways of communicating. Sign language, pictures, computers, etc. are all forms of communication. Just because a person can't talk, it doesn't mean they can't communicate.

Myth #5: Autism is the result of bad or neglectful parenting.
The "refrigerator mother" myth has been around for some time, and I'm actually surprised it still exists. Almost every parent of a child with autism I've met is very kind, loving, and incredibly patient. They also spend much of their time feeling needlessly guilty about their child's autism, so this myth is less than helpful.

Myth #6: If you have autism, you can repeat the whole phone book or know what day of the week April 23 will fall on in 4 years.
While most children with autism are very smart, an autistic savant is rare. We can all thank the movie Rainman for this little myth. So in the future, please do not ask a mom to get her kid to perform parlor tricks for you.

Myth #7: Children with autism do not want friends.
All children want friends. Some can show this is a better way than others, but I think all children want a friend. Alot of kids with autism just can't figure out how to go about it.

Myth #8: Kids with autism don't get their feelings hurt.
If you've ever seen my son's face after a kid has refused to play with him, you'd know this is not true. They might not get mad and yell at someone, or sit down and cry over it, but it's just as easy to hurt a child with autism's feelings as any other. Please remind your children to be kind.

Myth #9: Better discipline would get their acts together.
Boy, do I love that one! I've been told on many occasions that all I need to do is spank him. Another good one, "Let me keep him for a few days, I'll fix him." You can't spank or yell autism away any easier than you can spank cancer away.

Myth # 10: If a person with autism can't communicate, he can't understand you either.
If someone tapes your mouth closed, do your ears plug up as well? Comprehension skills and expressive skills can develop at different speeds and often do with autism. Just because a child can not say "I love you" does not mean he doesn't hear you when you tell him you love him.



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tiger123 tiger123

This list is great, the problem is most people won't listen.

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

I think this is lovely and amazing and I learned a lot. I think others will too. Thank you for sharing.

bubbl... bubbleboo

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love this.

Mommy... MommyJanice44

Every bit of what you wrote is right on the money . thank you for letting those who don't have clue .. Understand a bit about what we as mohter deal and think and cope with on a daily basis . great job ..

ethan... ethans_momma06

This is really great, thank you for sharing. I hope someone who needs to be reminded of these little 'facts' takes them to heart.

nonmember avatar FreeSpeaker

Excellent list.

Myth #11: Autism is caused by vaccines

akhlass akhlass

Myth #8: Kids with autism don't get their feelings hurt.

MamaRita MamaRita

Thanks Nat for sharing this, I agree with everyone of them. I really like #8, boy oh boy do they get their feelings hurt,which is the one things that will throw Lane into a meltdown. Good Job my friend, Rita

tiger123 tiger123

As I commented before, this list is great, but I've had a hard time getting anyone to read or believe any autism literature I give them, even when it comes from a good source. Anyone have any ideas on getting people to take autism seriously? I've been struggling with this for years. I thought once I got a diagnosis, everyone would be kind and understanding. Sadly, that has not been the case. Anyone else struggling with this particular issue?

jeann... jeannesager

Tiger, that's terrible, and I think why Autism Awareness Month is so important. Perhaps contacting your local school district and getting some information on the number of autistic kids in your own community might help? Really drive home that this is happening not just nationally but in each town in America?

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