Thumb Suckers, Tantrums, Pitbulls in the Park: Links I Love

Photo by palotasfamily
Oh, the places they'll go, the things they'll do. The trouble they'll get into. Moms commiserate -- and offer their words of wisdom in these wonderful world of toddler links.

The joys -- and terror -- of meeting a pit bull in the park with your toddler. -- Momversation

Saying goodbye to pacifiers is torture -- on parents. -- Yahoo! Shine

Keeping your cool when your precious little pumpkin person throws a temper tantrum in public. -- Parent Dish

One mom wonders if she should put her two-year-old into a 12-step program for thumb suckers. -- Motherlode

What to do when your kid falls down the stairs and needs stitches. -- Breezy Mama

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