Easter Basket Goodies: Wheel Pals Animals Celebrate Spring

Wheel Pals Giraffe; Playskool
An animal in the Easter basket is an easy way to do some holiday double duty -- you're celebrating spring and the birth of all those cute critters, and filling up that basket.

Looking for cute toddler toys for a friend's two-year-old, I saw Playskool's Wheel Pals line has been expanded to include a whole host of little animals. And what made me stop and say, Oh, yeah?


My friend happens to be a bit of a (self-confessed) giraffe freak. And what's front and center in the pack of four squishy toys on wheels? You guessed it.

With a plastic that reminds me of a bath toy, they're easy to grab for toddlers, and the four wheels run smoothly. And at $3.99 apiece, they're priced just right for an Easter basket extra. 

Do you do animal toys for Easter?

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