Easter Crafts, Organic Chocolate Bunnies, Egg-Coloring Kits: Links I Love

easter egg
Photo by 50LittleToes
Peter Cottontail will be coming down that bunny trail before you know it, and this mom is ill-prepared. Thanks to these links, I'll be Easter-ready by the end of this weekend.


7 Easter Egg Kits Your Kids Will Love. -- Babble

Adorable egg chicken creature crafts your kids can make. -- The Stir Home & Garden

Peter Rabbit Organic Fruit Pouches make the perfect Easter basket treat, and help little ears on long flights too. -- Lil Sugar

Green moms will love free range organic chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs. -- Shine

10 new Easter candies coming out this year. -- The Stir Food & Party

Get a free 8 x 10 portrait of your kid in his snazzy Easter outfit. -- Rookie Moms

Sunglasses make a nice non-candy gift for the Easter basket. Plus, they're super cool. -- Celebrity Babies

Are you ready for Easter yet?

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