Princess and the Frog's Tiana to Appear on Princess Products

Photo from Disney Living

The Princess and the Frog DVD combo might be the big purchase this week, but you might want to keep those wallets open Mom and Dad.

Little Princess Tiana fans (yes, that would include my daughter) are going to be begging their parents for every bit of princess merchandise on the market from here on out.


That's because Tiana, who was "officially crowed" as the ninth member of the Disney Princess Royal Court in New York City on Sunday will now be featured in every multi-princess product to come out of the Disney vault. 

From here until, well, forever according to the folks at Disney.

Considering they tell The Stir more than a quarter of a million products featuring the Princess and the Frog alone have sold since the first of the year, the positive influences of the first princess of color and the first one to show some gumption might well make a difference in multi-princess sales.

According to Disney Living, Princess Tiana role play dresses from CDI have been the top selling dresses in the Disney Princess lineup at retailers nationwide; Carol's Daughter beauty products featuring Princess Tiana sold out in just two hours online; The Princess and the Frog Kellogg's fruit snacks have been one of the most popular choices in the snack aisle; since the domestic theatrical film release, more than 2.5 million books featuring Princess Tiana have sold globally, and this month, Disney Stores sold out of its limited edition Princess Tiana collector doll during the pre-sell period.

My own daughter sleeps with her Princess Tiana doll every night, and despite being a persnickity (read feminist) princess hold out for a long time, I'm OK with it. The Princess and the Frog was her first in-theater experience at 4 years old, and I was pleased to find a princess who refused to be a wilting flower.

Are you parenting a princess fan? Will the presence of Tiana make you more likely to pick up princess products?

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