Do Working Moms Raise Couch Potatoes?

couch on potato

Flickr: Photo by oddsock

Yet another study is out telling working moms how much we suck. The gist: Our kids will be obese T.V. junkies if we work full-time. But, hey, at least this study isn't playing favorites: Stay-at-home moms will end up with fat T.V. junkies too. So what's a mom got to do to have a healthy kid?



Work part time.

Researchers in Australia found that kids whose moms had flexible work schedules watched fewer hours of T.V. than kids of moms who worked full time or not at all. Besides that, those kids consumed less junk food and soda and they were more likely to exercise.

The researchers speculate that moms who work part-time are more conscientious when they are at home with their kids, and they're better able to balance work and family demands (what a brilliant conclusion). "Career-oriented moms" (the full-timers) may have unhealthy kids because they're juggling work and home, and just don't have the time to be good parents.

When it comes to understanding why stay-at-home moms have unhealthy kids, the scientists were baffled. After all, those moms have plenty of time to provide their kids with stable, healthy environments. Crystal ball prediction: "New study says stay-at-home moms suck."

Gee, I guess if we really loved our kids, we'd all work part time. After all, every career allows for it, every employer is super flexible, and none of us really needs the full paycheck. Working part time also makes perfect sense for the stay-at-home mom whose part-time earnings would be just enough to cover day-care costs. Why not get grandma and grandpa to watch the kids for free? Oh right, a recent study shows that grandparents make kids fat.

Why do you think the part-time moms were found to have the healthiest kids? If you work full-time or you stay-at-home, would you work part time if you could—or are you happy right where you are?







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