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    Let's talk yoga. No, not like magazine cover yoga, real person yoga.

    I'm a chubby girl. I'm not a born yogi by nature, one of those slender ballerina types who is so graceful it's kind of disgusting. That said, I love the rush I get from exercise...allll exercise. Yes, 'exercise' here includes doing the nasty. Mind your chakras, y'all -- it's about to get sexy up in here!

    Yoga leads to better sex. It makes sense! Yoga is all about existing in the moment. It's about being limber and present in your body. In other words, doing yoga = daaaayyyyum girl, check that swirl! I want that! And if I've got to log a few extra sessions being wobbling and sweaty and insecure alongside some Natalie Portman-type clone in exchange for the best sex of my life, I am totally okay with that.

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    Ladies, I have found the one ice cream flavor probably none of us wants to try. It's a blue Viagra-laced ice cream called "arousal." Food inventor Charlie Harry Francis created the confection for the birthday party of an A-list celeb client he refuses to name. (But we're taking guesses!) The ice cream is champagne flavored, and each scoop contains 25 milligrams of Viagra. That's about what you get from the lowest dose of the male enhancement drug.

    In his blog, Lick Me I'm Delicious, Francis says he had to sign a confidentiality agreement with his client and can't tell us much more than that. But, he adds, "I am allowed to say that they were 'very happy with the end result.'" ORLLY Francis? I'd love to learn more. I mean -- I know what Viagra does. I'm just curious about what effect this blue ice cream had on the birthday party.

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    When you think of pre-nups, you think of finances. You don't think of sex. But would it be such a bad idea to have a sexual pre-nup? Sex is one of the main issues that crop up during a relationship and can be the trigger that leads to divorce. Sex can be inside the marriage or outside -- generally referred to as cheating. And we all know cheating doesn't lead to a happy marriage. You'd think that most people would go into a marriage already understanding sexual boundaries, but that would be fallacy. One person can think it's no big deal to have lunch with their ex every week, while for the new partner, the "no big deal" can be a dealbreaker. Here are five of the sexual topics people should think about getting in their sexual pre-nup before marriage.

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    In extremely disturbing news today, a 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy became parents, making them the youngest people combined in Britain to have a child. The girl gave birth this past Sunday after getting pregnant last year when she was in just sixth grade. According to reports, she and her boyfriend have been together for over a year and plan on raising the child together. A source said, "They're very into each other, totally in love. She is obsessed with him. She sees this as true love. They want to get married."

    Reports are also claiming that the couple's parents are incredibly supportive of them, despite the difficulty of this situation. Thank goodness. Because regardless of how "in love" or "obsessed" these two are with each other, the bottom line is: They're still children -- children who aren't yet equipped to have a baby. They're going to need every ounce of help they can get.

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    We joke sometimes about the excuses women use to get out of sex with their husbands. But after the laughter dies down there's always that uncomfortable truth that goes unsaid: It's probably better for your relationship if you just tell the truth. But how? The reason most women avoid saying NO to sex is because we're afraid of hurting the the men we love.

    We talked with three relationship experts for their advice on dancing the dance of not-in-the-mood. How can you turn it into a positive -- or can you?

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    When it comes to sex, a lot of us keep what gets us hot and bothered under the sheets on the down-low. This is especially true if the stuff that gets our proverbial motors running is, well, specific -- or at least, not on the cover of this month's Cosmo. I'm talking about sexual fetishes, and they are way more common than you think.

    With the success of 50 Shades of Grey, the relatively 'secret' world of the fetishist is becoming more and more socially acceptable. But don't feel bad if you're still in the dark when it comes to dishing about the kinkier stuff out there. That's what I'm here for!

    A sexual fetish can be described as an object or situation that gives one a sexual thrill. It's a broad definition, and kind of a great one since it is expansive enough to cover the vast gamut of our weird, wonderful, human natures.

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    Gulp. It happens at different ages for different kids, but sooner or later every single one of them becomes way too smart to think that babies are dropped off on our doorsteps by the stork.

    And even though it's not an easy conversation to have, we owe it to our children to tell them the truth and lay out the whole birds and the bees thing for what it actually is.

    You know ... (sex).

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    Want to know how you can have mind-blowing sex? Well, for a lot of us the key is to shut off the monkey chatter in our heads. We're so critical of ourselves, our bodies especially. And it doesn't always stop when we're in the middle of doing the do. But while the wheels of worry are spinning around in our heads, guess what's going on in men's heads during sex? Kind of nothing -- and kind of everything.

    When you get naked with a guy they're not thinking anything except how glad they are to be invited to the party. The rest is all ... well, let me just show you in pictures.

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    Ladies, tell your man to get that cellphone out of his pocket! Scientists may have discovered a link between cellphone usage and erectile dysfunction. Preliminary results published in the Central European Journal of Urology seem to indicate that men suffering from chronic ED spend a lot more time in contact with their switched-on mobile devices than those that don't have issues in that department.

    And here you thought it was just too much Candy Crush killing the mood.

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    You've heard of pregnancy testing, but what about pregnancy texting? has a genius campaign called Pregnancy Text designed to get young people to see what it would be like to be a parent when they're still basically kids themselves.

    The rates of teen pregnancy have gone down in recent years, but it's still a big issue facing too many kids. Babies are blessings, but sometimes circumstances make adding a new member of the human race to the planet particularly challenging.

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