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    It's every teen's worst nightmare: their parents announce they're moving. New town, new friends, and last but not least, new school. While transitions like this can be tough at any age, for teenagers -- with the premium they place on friendships and their status among their peers -- it can seem like the end of the world is at hand. Doors slam, "I hate you"s are uttered, and many parents might start to worry whether moving schools will send their teen into a downward spiral that'll drain their self-esteem, grades, prom date prospects, and even alter their lifelong success and happiness.

    We won't sugarcoat it: Moving schools is indeed tough on teens.

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    A senior portrait featuring a dapper young man, his purrfectly content cat, and a pink-and-blue-straight-out-of-the-'80s laser background. What's so wrong with that? According to Schenectady High School in New York, the answer is ... uh, his loving tribute to his feline BFF may not be senior portrait-worthy. 

    Draven Rodriguez is petitioning school officials to use his laser cat photo as his senior portrait. School officials thus far say it can be included in the yearbook, but not as his graduation photo. Rodriguez launched a campaign to fight for his right for fluffy ... and it's gone viral. 

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    Upon receiving any sort of communication from their child's school, most parents brace themselves for something aggravating. Even parents of straight-A students often have to navigate bureaucratic red tape, dress code drama, scheduling switches, etc. But as one mom named Alison Owen proved, not every letter home from school causes a headache. In fact, once in a blue moon, you might get one that actually makes you cry ... happy tears!

    That's exactly what Owen says happened when she got her 11-year-old son Charlie’s standardized test results from Barrowford Primary School in the U.K. on Monday. Given how utterly awesome it really was, the test scores letter went viral, after Owen shared it on Facebook.

    Check it out ...

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    On their worst days, teens can be rebellious, sullen, fiercely independent, or just plain awkward. But they're also still kids, trying to figure out who they are, and sometimes acting in mind-boggling, hilarious ways as a result. High school teachers know this fact intimately. It's something they'll tell you keeps their jobs as educators both interesting and challenging! Thankfully, they also get a kick out of their students' wacky moves from time-to-time.

    Here, high school teachers reveal the craziest, boldest, most jaw-dropping thing their students have ever done in class ...

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    We've officially reached graduation season and students everywhere are donning their robes and receiving their degrees. But for one family in Oakland, the occasion is also a bit bittersweet. Jahi McMath was declared brain dead last year at age 13, after suffering from complications during surgery to remove her tonsils. But now, after calling on the school board, the family will be awarded an honorary diploma from Jahi's middle school on graduation day.

    She was in the eighth grade at E.C. Reems Academy of Technology and Arts and was on track to graduate at the time of her surgery in December. After the procedure, she went into cardiac arrest, and doctors confirmed that she was unable to breathe and had no blood flow or electrical activity in her brain. Her family has since privately moved her to a ventilator.

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    If anyone should be considered an expert when it comes to teenagers, it's a high school teacher. And most set wonderful examples for our young adults. But then there are some, like one drama teacher in Washington, who thought it would be a great idea to allow dirty jokes to be told and sex toys to be used as props onstage at an end-of-the-year drama club awards ceremony. 

    Teacher Teri Grimes, who is 62, issued a formal apology after parents were outraged at how she organized a stage event at Bellingham High School involving inappropriate jokes about child molestation and actual sex toys.

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    Haul out the pearls and clutch them tightly, folks, the prudes are on the prowl. At least they were at a high school in Utah this week, where it seems someone decided to Photoshop pictures of girls in the yearbook to adjust their tank tops and low-cut tops ... without telling the girls or their parents. 

    What Wasatch High School claims was meant to bring the photos up to dress code is being criticized as slut shaming the young women in question -- and for good reason! A comparison of some of the altered photos shows random sleeves added to some girls, and necklines brought up over non-existent cleavage. Even more confounding, other photos from the yearbook remain untouched, despite presenting some of the same "problems."

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    Graduations are all about celebrating the end of a huge chapter in a teen's life, and there are no better people to share them with than family. But for one North Dakota high school graduate, there was one very important person missing: her dad.

    Chris Crafton, who is in the Air Force, has gone through nine deployments since his daughter, Taylor, was a baby. He's been gone for 1,782 days, just to be a tad specific. He's missed birthdays and holidays, but he definitely was not going to miss his daughter graduate. So as a surprise to her, and to the rest of his family, the airman showed up at the ceremony and gave Taylor the absolute best graduation present. Well, my eyes are leaking again. Check it out:

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    Today's fourth annual White House Science Fair celebrated all different kids from all over the U.S., but it also served as an opportunity to bring to light one of the most disturbing realities this country faces today. As President Obama pointed out, "Right now, fewer than 1 in 5 bachelor's degrees in engineering or computer science are earned by women, and fewer than 3 in 10 workers in science and engineering are women. That means we've got half our team we're not even putting on the field. We've got to change those numbers."

    Thankfully, the young female exhibitors who presented their research and achievements in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) at the fair are a reassurance that the tide is turning. Here, six of the brilliant exhibits created by young women who are challenging the idea that excelling in STEM is just for boys ...

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    Though teens have a way of seeming so independent and ready to take on the world, we're constantly reminded that they're also, well, still kids. High school teachers basically live and breathe this fact. As one high school choir teacher put it, teens can be "so ridiculous, hilarious, and weird." Sure, that's why so many educators absolutely adore working with them, but at the same time, they're most definitely fielding a lot of eyebrow-raising behavior and remarks from their hormonal, sullen, or stunningly bold students.

    Here, high school teachers reveal the most jaw-dropping, crazy, funny, and outright bizarre thing a student has said to them ...

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