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    Teens and their cellphones are rarely parted these days. Some kids even sleep with their cellphones, but if your child is one them, take heed! A Texas teen woke up to the smell of something burning in her bed this week.

    Turns out the 13-year-old is one of those kids whose cellphone ends up under her pillow at night -- and the gadget caught on fire. She woke to a phone that had completely melted, glass, plastic, and all. Scary? There's more!

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    Now that summer has your kids outside in the sun, covering them with sunscreen is a must. Only as anyone who's ever stared at the wall of options at a drugstore knows, choosing which one is safe for children is tricky. For starters, know this: While certain labels may scream "sunscreen for kids," there is no such thing as a product designed specifically for your little ones. "That's just marketing," says Fayne Frey, M.D., a dermatologist and founder of, a site that helps consumers select the right skin care products. A smarter way to make your choice is to take a close look at the label. Here are a few key words to keep an eye out for, and what they really mean.

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    Here's something terrifying: So far this year alone, 15 kids have died from heatstroke after being left in their parents' cars -- and it's only July. According to, on average, 38 children die every year from vehicular heatstroke after being forgotten in cars. Now, you may think you're not the "type" to leave your child in your car, but the scary reality is there is no type. In the last decade alone, parents from all walks of life -- pediatricians, soldiers, nurses, rocket scientists -- have accidentally left their kids in the car with dire results.

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    Summer after summer, we can't seem to avoid the very same series of horror stories in the news about children being left to bake in hot cars. Well, one father of three -- his kids aged 4, 7, and 14 -- from Raleigh, North Carolina, was recently compelled to take action in light of these nonstop tragedies. Taking to YouTube, Terry Bartley posted a clip of himself sweating in his hot car with the windows rolled up. He said the temperature outside was up to 90 degrees, and there's no mistake what that kind of contained heat can do to the body.

    Bartley has far surpassed his initial aim to get people sharing and talking about his video and raise awareness: His now viral video has reached over 1.2 million views!

    Check it out ...

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    As a mom who's brought her baby to questionable venues from bars to New Year's Eve parties, I'm not one to judge where mothers bring their kids. That's why I was dismayed to hear that a breastfeeding mom with a 4-month-old baby strapped to her chest says she was kicked out of a Brad Paisley concert in San Diego last Thursday, with police arguing that she was endangering her child.

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    Ever wanted to know where your children are during every single possible second during the day? Well, rejoice, helicopter parents, because LG has the perfect product for you. The new LG KizON will let parents literally track their children via their own smartphones.

    In a cross between a children's cell phone and a prison tracking anklet, the WiFi and GPS-enabled device attaches like a bracelet to a child's wrist and send signals directly to the parents' smartphones. With one button, kids can call their parents and speak directly through the device. Parents can also place phone calls directly to the gadget, but there is a catch. If kids don't answer the call within 10 seconds, parents can listen in through the tracker's built-in microphone.

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    How do you leave a child in a hot car? It's a question every parent has asked at one time or another -- usually sparked by a headline about a child dying in a vehicle somewhere in the United States. Lyn Balfour has asked the question too. She's asked the question about herself.

    The 13-year veteran of the US Army, member of the Army Reserves, and mother of five -- including three children 6 and under -- left her son Bryce in her car on March 30, 2007. By the time she realized her mistake, her 9-month-old son was dead.

    After being charged with his death and later being found not guilty, Balfour has became a fierce advocate for educating parents on these accidental tragedies. She spoke with The Stir about the day her son died, and what kind of mom leaves a child in a hot car:

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    For years, "stranger danger" has been the catch phrase children have heard at school and at home. The goal of using it liberally: To make sure kids know that talking to people they don't know could lead to serious trouble, of course. But it's pretty much impossible for a mother or their child to navigate through life without talking to strangers -- at the grocery store, playground, while traveling, etc. Further, in many cases, harm is often done to children by people they actually know. (Consider Hannah Anderson, who knew her abductor or Elizabeth Smart, whose kidnapper had worked odd jobs at her house.)

    In fact, a child is said to know the predator in many as 90 percent of sex abuse incidents, according to the Child Advocacy Center. That's a chilling stat, but it's also a case for doing away with the obviously outdated expression "stranger danger" and replacing it with language that will keep kids even safer.

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    How do you pick the sunscreen you're going to use on your kids? If you go for convenience every time, you might want to rethink your summertime routine! Consumer Reports has come out to warn parents who are using popular spray sunscreens to put those cans down immediately ... and don't pick 'em back up!

    The watchdog isn't the first to tell parents to steer clear of the products. The American Academy of Dermatology has been saying it for years. And the Environmental Working Group has also issued warnings about the sprays that tend to be a little easier on parents when it comes to applying sunscreen to wiggling toddlers. So what's different about the Consumer Reports warning?

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    Scary story for parents of thrill seekers and roller coaster fanatics today. The famous Ninja ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, collided with a fallen pine tree on Monday night, derailing the first car of the roller coaster and leaving all riders stranded 20 feet in the air for several hours. Even worse, the coaster is suspended (the riders hang underneath the track), so the passengers were left dangling before Los Angeles County firefighters were able to rescue them all.

    The first four passengers, who were all in the initial car, suffered minor injuries and were later taken to a nearby hospital after complaining of knee and neck pain.

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