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    Admit it: you would have killed to have parents like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith when you were 13. I know I would have saved myself a lot of humiliation and the trouble of telling lies my parents never believed anyway just so I could go do something stupid that I shouldn't have been doing in the first place. Well, Willow Smith has no such concerns.

    The ridiculously hip -- as in waaaay too hip for someone barely out of her tweens -- daughter of the coolest parents ever was recently photographed hanging out on her bed with actor Moises Arias. Oh yeah, Moises is 20 and isn't wearing a shirt. Sounds a lot like what you were doing at 13, right?!

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    A Southern California school district is up in arms this week after eighth-graders were given an assignment to research and write an essay explaining whether they believed the Holocaust was a real historical event or a political scheme to influence public emotion and gain. Once word of the assignment spread, groups like the Anti-Defamation League called or emailed their objection to the assignment. Yesterday, Rialto Unified School District spokeswoman Syeda Jafri responded publicly, saying that it was an "error."

    An error? More like an egregious, extremely troubling, highly punishable (or so you'd think) move on the part of one or several teachers. And it's a case for parents to be well-aware of what's being asked of their kids in the classroom.

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    A 15-year-old Somali boy became a stowaway last week when he decided to hop a fence at San Jose International Airport and hide out in the wheel well of a Hawaii-bound plane. Like many teens, the boy acted impulsively in an attempt to rebel against circumstances he was frustrated by ... But what's heartbreaking is that all he really wanted to do was see his mother.

    The boy, who immigrated to California four years ago with his father after fleeing their home country due to war conditions, had been "struggling adjusting to life in this country," according to his father, Abdulahi Yusuf. But those around the family note that being separated from his mother was also taking a toll. Talha Nooh from the Muslim Community Assocation, where the boy's family were members, told the AP, "This whole thing should be looked at in the context of a teen who is emotionally attached to his mom and grandparents."

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    Unsurprisingly, First Lady Michelle Obama's latest endeavor is being slammed by parents and high school students in Topeka, Kanasas. Surprisingly, the backlash has less to do with what side of the aisle they identify with and more to do with interest in keeping a high school graduation as boring and commonplace as ever. 

    A fight has erupted in the state capital's school district after it was announced that Michelle will address a combined graduation ceremony for five area high schools next month in an 8,000-seat arena. Her appearance is to be tied to the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education outlawing segregation in schools. And while the school district is over the moon about the prospect of hosting the FLOTUS, parents and students have several gripes with the plan ...

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    A high school senior with some mega guts got the memory of a lifetime, and he only was suspended three days for it. The Pennsylvania teen heard that Miss America was coming to Central York High School, so he made a plan.

    During the question and answer session, Patrick Farves asked Nina Davuluri if she would go to the prom with him. Then he got suspended for asking her to the prom, which was (in my humble opinion) way harsh, but totally worth it.

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    A new video going viral is the subject of much debate and shock. In the clip, a teen in headphones attempts to take a selfie from what he seems to think is a "safe distance" from the train tracks. As the locomotive whizzes by, he's seemingly struck in the head by the train conductor, who stuck his leg out and delivered a swift kick to the teen's head and neck. Whoa.

    Yep, you pretty much just have to see it to believe it ...

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    Teen Michaela Smith found out one of the worst things a daughter could possibly find out about her father -- he'd been reportedly secretly taping her in her bedroom and bathroom with a hidden camera. Her father, Michael, was eventually sentenced to a year in prison. He was convicted of setting up a video camera four times to catch her over the course of a couple of months as she changed clothes and went about her life in what she thought was the privacy of her own room.

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    The teen years are a time when you're expected to make dumb mistakes. Back in the day, we were able to do and say stupid things and -- if we were lucky -- learn from them and move on to become better people. Yeah, not so much anymore thanks to Twitter and Facebook.

    "Sarah" isn't the first teenager -- and she won't be the last -- to learn the hard way that one thoughtless tweet could possibly ruin her life, despite the fact that she's only 14 years old. The young girl, whose social media account has since been deleted, reportedly made the grave error of sending American Airlines a ridiculously reckless tweet. She pretended she was a terrorist who was planning a major attack. Uh, 14 or not, you could say the airline took her message very seriously.

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    The absolute best way to contend with unruly teens is up for debate, but one high school English teacher certainly presented a pretty good case for handling one of his students with the power of a red pen. According to a post on Reddit that has now gone viral, a senior at a high school called McKinley posted a letter to their teacher's door. The message was laced with profanities galore and meant to relay that the student, taking it upon him or herself to speak on behalf of their fellow students as well, was fed up with the teacher. Expletive, expletive!

    While we don't know if the student got sent to detention or suspended as a result, what we do know is that the teacher did at least in part respond by editing the student's various grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and other style errors with a red pen. The best part: The "advice" the teacher offered at the bottom.

    Check it out ...

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    Not that any of us ever cut class when we were in high school, but (cough, cough) those of us who did probably wasted a whole lot of time goofing around at the park or stuffing our faces with fast food. That might have been the initial goal three 17-year-old seniors from California had in mind this week when they broke out of school in search of McDonald's burgers and fries, but they decided to make a little pit stop on their way to the restaurant -- in order to save a 94-year-old woman and her dog from a house fire.

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