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    Buying prom dresses and renting tuxes is a prom tradition. But why stick with the conventional garb and regular corsages when the kids can make everything just a little bit different ... with Duck Tape.

    That's right. As part of their annual "Stuck at Prom" contest, Duck Tape is calling out all the best duct tape-designed prom outfits from this year. Whether the couples' costumes have strips of tape, are fashioned into inventive shapes, or feature intricately detailed designs, today's kids are forgoing the trip to the mall with Mom and getting more and more creative with their ensembles.

    Check out the absolute best Duck Tape prom dresses and suits from these creative kids!

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    Some people have a celebrity doppelganger. Anna Faith Carlson has an animated one. The 18-year-old from Daytona Beach, Florida looks pretty much exactly like Elsa from the ridiculously popular Disney movie, Frozen. And it's totally coming in handy with helping the aspiring actress make a name for herself!

    She first started getting attention for posting a pic on Instagram of herself, side-by-side with an Elsa cut-out at the local mall. And then she actually made herself over to look even more like the character ... Check it out:

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    Hunter Gandee, 14, has been carrying his 7-year-old brother Braden for years. They've walked around the home, on mountains during family camping trips, and just around the grocery store. But this weekend, the two are embarking on a much longer journey. Hunter will carry Braden for 40 miles, from the gym at Bedford Junior High (where Hunter regularly wrestles) all the way to the gym at the University of Michigan.

    It's all to raise awareness for cerebral palsy and to broadcast the brothers' Cerebral Palsy Swagger awareness project. The cause has been near and dear to the family's hearts since Braden was diagnosed with cerebral palsy back when he was 3 months old. The condition, which directly affects Braden's brain, impairs his walking, mobility, and general movement. But he has Hunter there to help.

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    A boy who was told that he would never walk or talk has beaten the odds yet again: he's been accepted into college. Noah Van Vooren, a senior high school student with Down syndrome, had applied to Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin and was eagerly awaiting a response.

    So when the letter came in the mail, he was more than eager to open it. It took a couple of seconds to sink in, but once he read that he'd been accepted, he immediately embraced his dad and declared: "Dad, you rock! I love you." Then he promptly tore off his sweatshirt and triumphantly flexed. Check out how amazingly excited he is:

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    Teen Michaela Smith found out one of the worst things a daughter could possibly find out about her father -- he'd been reportedly secretly taping her in her bedroom and bathroom with a hidden camera. Her father, Michael, was eventually sentenced to a year in prison. He was convicted of setting up a video camera four times to catch her over the course of a couple of months as she changed clothes and went about her life in what she thought was the privacy of her own room.

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    Everyone knows Channing Tatum is one hot papa, but did you know he is one helluva sweet guy too? And did you know he goes by "Chan"? I didn't know, but Alisa Finley, an 18-year-old from Colby, Kansas, knows. In fact the teen, who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, is on smooching terms with the Magic Mike hunk -- at least via video. Facing the devastating reality that she might not be here much longer, Alisa made a bucket list of 48 things she wanted to do. Number one on that list? Kiss Channing Tatum.

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    Not that any of us ever cut class when we were in high school, but (cough, cough) those of us who did probably wasted a whole lot of time goofing around at the park or stuffing our faces with fast food. That might have been the initial goal three 17-year-old seniors from California had in mind this week when they broke out of school in search of McDonald's burgers and fries, but they decided to make a little pit stop on their way to the restaurant -- in order to save a 94-year-old woman and her dog from a house fire.

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    It's never easy hearing about a child who has been fighting a grave illness. It's heartbreaking to think that at a time when they should be worrying about school dances, they have to deal with such a grown-up issue. Still, teens like Jayci Glover have a way of showing just how strong and inspiring they can be even while facing the scariest battle of their lives. Diagnosed with a rare form of terminal lymphoma, she was given a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and what she asked for will totally floor you.

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    The following is a post from our sponsor, Procter & Gamble.

    What I love most about the Olympics is hearing the human stories behind the amazing athletic performances. Sure, it’s fun to watch people zip around the ice. (Since I can barely stand on skates without wiping out, I find this amazing.) But during the event, we only see them for a few minutes. Learning how they got there, and who was rooting for them as they trained, makes their accomplishments hit home.

    I particularly love the stories about the athletes’ moms. Because, sure, it’s the athlete putting in the long hours, recovering from the injuries, and getting back up and trying again. But I can really identify with the sacrifice and the courage it takes to stand on the sidelines and watch your kids do something that seems so hard and takes so much energy.

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    Sometimes kids with autism have difficulty expressing themselves, particularly when it comes to showing affection with hugs and kisses. And that was often the case for Lewiston High School student Caleb Lussier. But what you are about to see is the progress Caleb has made, along with one of the most heartfelt and tear-jerking military reunions I've seen. I gasped. Tears flew out of my eyes when I saw Caleb, who is his school's Public Affairs Officer for the Air Force Junior ROTC, have an unexpected reunion with his father, who was the surprise guest. Caleb's dad, Marine Staff Sgt. Richard Lussier, is a Desert Storm veteran who re-enlisted to help our country and grant the young military men with multiple deployments a break.

    He's a hero, that's for sure. Now check out his hero welcome from his son, who is a hero in his own right.

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