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    Listen up, parents! If you've ever wanted to know whether or not your teen is smuggling some illegal substances in the house or want to track down your child's stash, here's your chance. You can now hire a drug sniffing dog to visit your home and uncover any narcotics that might be hidden.

    Ron Robichaud, a former dog trainer and the founder of Discreet Intervention, is making headlines this week for his offer to come to your home with his trusted dog, Ben, to locate drugs your child may be hiding. Just prepare yourself for what Ben might find.

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    Not so long ago, coffee was strictly an adults-only beverage -- one most kids and teens wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. But thanks to the abundance of super-sweet caffeine drinks, energy drinks, and sodas sold at markets, gas stations, and trendy cafes, more young people are finding it pretty tempting to down 1 or 10 cold and frothy mocha drinks.

    We can't blame them -- these drinks taste like dessert and are extremely appealing to young taste buds. But given their popularity and sweetness, it's sometimes easy to forget that the caffeine contained in these treats is bad for our kids' health. And, according to a recent study, the effect of caffeine is even worse for boys.

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    One Pennsylvania mom is taking on the school board after her 10-year-old daughter was drug tested for the third time in a single school year. The fifth grader is an honors student at her middle school, where any child who joins an after-school activity is randomly drug tested throughout the year.

    But with the latest test, mom decided to take some action. Some board members even agreed that their policies need to be reviewed, so the district will be going over their testing rules.

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    Next month, I'll have a year of sobriety under my belt. I've been pretty open about my struggles with alcoholism, but it's never exactly the easiest subject to talk about. Particularly when I can tell that being a non-drinker makes someone else feel super awkward.

    There are lots of reasons why someone might choose to abstain from alcohol -- maybe they're allergic, or pregnant, or they just never got into it. Maybe, like me, they're a recovering drunk. Whatever the motivation might be, here's what we sober moms want you to know ... so everyone can feel a little more at ease.

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    A 4-year-old boy from New York City may have died after eating rat poison left in his apartment building by an exterminator. Juan Sanchez returned home from the park with his four young brothers on Sunday morning and reportedly began showing signs of illness a few hours later. The preschooler started foaming at the mouth and turning blue, according to a source. The child was rushed to the hospital but died shortly thereafter.

    The only culprit Juan's mother could point to was rat poison that she said had been left in their apartment building by an exterminator two weeks ago. Cops are investigating her claims, and in the meantime, bits of info have popped up that make one question whether this tragedy could have been avoided.

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    Easter egg hunts are an exciting part of this month -- many schools, churches, and communities host them, bringing families together for some fun. But one Easter egg hunt in Michigan turned out a little sinister. 

    At Huron Park Elementary, preschoolers took part in one of those plastic egg hunts and inside one of those eggs, a mom found Alprazolam, which is generic Xanex.

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    Remember when the worst thing that happened at your college spring break party was someone would drink too much and flirt with someone else's boyfriend, causing a massive amount of d-r-a-m-a? Well, multiply that frenzy by about a thousand percent and you still won't even get close to the "Deltopia" beach party that took place this weekend in California and resulted in absolute mayhem. About 15,000 revelers, mostly students from the University of California, Santa Barbara, were in attendance, and by the end of the day, 44 people -- including 6 police officers -- were injured, and almost 100 people were arrested.

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    I love hearing stories about siblings looking out for each other (it gives me hope for my own two boys!) but this kind of help is NOT what I usually have in mind. Matthew Robbins, a 32-year-old Pennsylvania man, was arrested last week and charged with endangering the welfare of a child (among other things) for “protecting” his 14-year-old sister by GIVING HER HEROIN.


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    Carolyn WeinandWhen cops in Naples, Florida busted a recent house party, they found the usual: Underaged kids drinking while their parents were nowhere in sight. But when they looked around the home, they were treated to something they don't normally see when breaking up a teen rager: The owner of the home/mother of one of the girls hiding in her bedroom.

    When police showed up to confront Mariel Weinand, 18, about complaints they'd received about a party she was having, she, while under the influence, told them to call her mother, Carolyn. Carolyn answered the phone and told the police that she was out of town and it was okay to break up the party. When the cops began walking through the house, they found beer cans, bottles, pot in the yard, and a number of people hiding in various closets and rooms -- including 56-year-old Carolyn, who gave them the most ridiculous excuse.

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    A heinous Twitter account has been suspended for promoting the lewdest of lewd teenage behavior. @LIPartyStories, which had more than 25,000 followers, tweeted pictures of high school students from Long Island in various states of sobriety and dress.

    Some of the shocking photos featured veiled threats of rape, inebriation to the point of needing a stomach pump, and even one of a teen girl in a tiara peeing in a sink. Lots of passed out naked folks as well.

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