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    It starts with a piece of candy every time they use the potty, followed by an ice cream every week they clean their room ... then pizza for every "A" they get in school. Using food as a reward for good behavior is common -- and effective! Yet experts warn that parents weave a tangled web when they offer edible treats as incentives.

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    No one can drive us as batty as our children. How many times have you just wanted to get away from them for a moment's peace? That must have been the mindset of South Carolina mom Tiffany Simmons. She allegedly kicked her 12-year-old son out of her car after an argument, forcing him to walk 20 miles.

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    Sooner or later even the sweetest kid turns to ice: "How was school?" Silence. "Can you help me clear the table?" More dead air. Many parents would take a knock-down, screaming fight any day compared to a kid who ignores what mom says. Yet while this misbehavior can be infuriating, parents often react in ways that just makes things worse. So try avoiding these common mistakes, and try these alternatives to help you break through the stony silence.

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    As "mom" to both a rat terrier and a 4 year old, I am often amazed by the similarities between the two. They both love balls, and possess zero table manners. Plus they're constantly doing things they shouldn't be doing, then giving me this innocent look like "Who, me?" Given all they had in common, I got to wondering whether dog trainers could teach parents how to raise well-behaved kids.

    Turns out they had plenty of tips that applied perfectly to little humans, too. Yes, that's right, dog trainers can help you raise your kids:

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    Growing up, my sister and I fought about the stupidest stuff, from who'd poked whom harder to who had more room in the back of the car. Now, as a mom, I sympathize with my parents' seemingly doomed efforts to curb these spats, because the fact is that even the most well-intentioned attempts to stop sibling fights almost always backfire. Here's why and some smarter strategies to try.

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    I've taught my daughter many things -- letters, numbers, nursery rhymes. But one thing I haven't taught her, at least in a formal way, is how to be kind. I figured that just happens on its own ... only Richard Weissbourd, a Harvard psychologist who runs the Making Caring Common project, argues that compassion and generosity are skills that need to be cultivated like any other. "Very often we focus on our kids' achievement and happiness rather than on whether they're caring kids," he says. Well, it's high time we got our priorities straight! Here are five ways parents can teach kids to be kind and make the world a better place.

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    Kids can be really mean. I'm talking about my kid, your kid, your neighbor's kid -- all kids. But they're also KIDS, and when parents take it upon themselves to discipline every individual in the world who hurts their child's feelings, well, most of us know how that's going to work out.

    Rebecca Carranza-Molina, 44, and Jose Aldred Molina, 56, obviously love their 13-year-old child very much and feel incredibly protective of him. They want to shelter him from the pain in the world so badly that they're willing to risk going to jail for their son's feelings. The couple has been arrested and face child endangerment and false imprisonment charges for kidnapping a 13-year-old boy who made their son cry. They allegedly kept him at their home until he agreed to apologize to their child.

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    My daughter yells, "WATER!" when she wants water, "MILK!" when she wants milk, and, well, you get the idea. "Where's the please and thank you?" I ask her, but it's no use. Manners, it seems, have fallen out of fashion in today's more casual world, but it's time to reverse that trend. Here are 10 polite behaviors I used to do as a kid that I think it's high time to bring back in style.

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    How to Raise Independent Kids

    posted by Amy Oztan July 29 at 9:40 AM in Big Kid
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    My goal has always been raising kids who can take care of themselves (and, eventually, me). Kids don’t start learning to be independent when they’re teenagers; they start long before they actually have to get along on their own.

    There are simple things that you can do to help your kids be more independent. And hey, anything your kids can do for themselves, that’s one less thing you have to do!

    Make them ask for things themselves. It can be so tempting in a restaurant or store to speak for your child, especially if she’s shy. But making your children ask for things themselves is a great way to build their confidence. If they want more napkins, they can ask for more napkins.

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    Even before her new book, Keep Calm & Parent On: A Guilt-Free Approach to Raising Children by Asking More From Them and Doing Less, hit shelves earlier this week, Emma Jenner found herself at the epicenter of ardent debate among moms. All because her article for The Huffington Post, which details the "modern parenting crisis," struck some parents as controversial (to say the least!).

    As a reality star on TLC's Take Home Nanny, child development and child behavioral specialist, and founder of consulting service Emma’s Children, Jenner has studied and worked with children for 17 years. Upon noticing that the same parenting mistakes were arising among family after family, she decided it was time to share her approach with the masses. 

    Emma spoke with The Stir about the biggest mistakes parents are making today, what they can do to be happier and more effective, and of course all those tongues clucking about kids' right to choose their own sippy cup colors.

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