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    A boy who was told that he would never walk or talk has beaten the odds yet again: he's been accepted into college. Noah Van Vooren, a senior high school student with Down syndrome, had applied to Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin and was eagerly awaiting a response.

    So when the letter came in the mail, he was more than eager to open it. It took a couple of seconds to sink in, but once he read that he'd been accepted, he immediately embraced his dad and declared: "Dad, you rock! I love you." Then he promptly tore off his sweatshirt and triumphantly flexed. Check out how amazingly excited he is:

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    What an absolutely heartbreaking story. Ten people, including five high school students, were killed in a tragic fiery crash that took place on a California highway Thursday night. The students and their adult chaperones were traveling on the I-5 from Los Angeles to visit Humboldt State University in northern California when a FedEx truck crossed a median and hit the charter bus head-on. Both vehicles erupted into flames, killing five students, three chaperones, and the drivers of both the bus and FedEx truck.

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    A new prank video that's surfaced a little late for April Fools' Day might just win for prank of the year. Here's what you need to know: This Aquinas College professor has one rule in his classroom. If a phone rings during class time, the student must answer it on speaker phone. Seems like a fair rule that's sure to keep kids' phones on silent, right?

    Well, needless to say, the kids took advantage of the rule and completely fooled the professor with a prank that he admits he'll treasure forever. And maybe his students will realize that some calls should remain, ahem, private.

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    Remember when the worst thing that happened at your college spring break party was someone would drink too much and flirt with someone else's boyfriend, causing a massive amount of d-r-a-m-a? Well, multiply that frenzy by about a thousand percent and you still won't even get close to the "Deltopia" beach party that took place this weekend in California and resulted in absolute mayhem. About 15,000 revelers, mostly students from the University of California, Santa Barbara, were in attendance, and by the end of the day, 44 people -- including 6 police officers -- were injured, and almost 100 people were arrested.

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    Most parents would be completely thrilled if their child got into just ONE Ivy League college. That, for many, would be a huge deal. Now, what would you do if your child was accepted at not one Ivy League school but all eight of them? That's just what happened to Kwasi Enin, a New York high school senior. So, how did this happen?

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    When was the last time your boss used the word "dissentious" at your Monday morning meeting? According to the College Board, which produces the much-dreaded SAT exam, the fact that the answer to this question is probably "never" is reason enough to get rid of those pesky and difficult vocabulary words that are, well, known as "SAT words." Test-makers are also planning to make other big changes to the college entrance exam, including changing the scoring system from 2,400 points back to the 1,600-point system it once used. And if your teen just hates writing essays, no biggie. The essay portion will be optional.

    Hmmm ... maybe high schools could just hand out college degrees at graduation and we could eliminate the test altogether?

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    It's pretty safe to say that no parent wants their daughter to do porn. And when we hear of a young person who has fallen into that world, we can't help but assume there are a tragic set of circumstances that led her there. But what if it were the choice of a smart, rational, ambitious college student? I am specifically referring to the Duke University student who has been mercilessly harassed since classmates found out that she moonlights as an adult movie star. The reason?

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    In most teens' minds, the day they turn 18 is going to be a glorious one. All of those stupid rules they had to follow at home will suddenly be lifted like some great fog. Overnight, parents will begin to respect their newfound freedom and independence -- yet continue to provide them with warm meals, because who the heck wants to have to cook for themselves at 18?

    Rachel Canning is having a difficult time adjusting to 18. The New Jersey teen is suing her parents for refusing to pay for her college tuition and living and transportation expenses, despite the fact that she's no longer living at home and, according to her parents, left willingly because she didn't want to follow their rules.

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    It's become pretty common for high school students to post cutesy messages on their Twitter accounts asking celebrities to their proms. In the case of Miley Cyrus, the 21-year-old knew it would be bananas for her to show up at a dance and sweetly invited her suitor to attend one of her concerts instead, which was a really smart move on her part. Err, I'm thinking pro Houston Texans cheerleader Caitlyn, who is 20, figured she was being a sweetheart as well by responding to 17-year-old Michael Ramirez's online request that she be his hot date to the Crosby High School senior prom. Only she agreed to go. As his actual date. And no matter how platonic we know this whole night will be, there's something a little creepy about it.

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    There's been quite a bit of college bashing in the news lately. With so many grads unable to find high-paying jobs or even paying jobs, it's easy to fall in line with the idea that costly higher education degree programs are a waste of money and time.

    Try telling that to Rion Holcombe and his extremely supportive family. 

    The 20-year-old, who has Down syndrome, got the news of his life recently when he received a college acceptance letter from a well-known and respected university. His proud mama filmed his reaction, which will warm your heart and, if you're feeling all down about college, make you think twice about its value. 

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