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    Any mom of a 6-ish-year-old girl who's shopped for clothes with her daughter eventually stumbles across this puzzling conundrum: What's the difference between size 6 and 6x? The reason this is such a head scratcher is it's the only size that has an "x" version. There's no 5x, 7x, or 8x ... so why 6x? Even more mystifying is the fact that there's no 6x in boys; it's just a girl thing. What's the deal?

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    Ah the stages of packing for a vacation: From excitement to procrastination to the good start to the panicked tossing of everything in your suitcase, and off you go -- only to find out you packed all the wrong stuff. How do you make the whole process simpler and still end up with the right clothes?

    For me, packing for a summer vacation is all about reading the weather report, picking out separates in the same color family (so you can mix and match), planning to repeat a few things, and preparing for a few surprises. Here is my essential summer vacation packing list.

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    Putting on pants can be a major struggle. There's squirming, contorting, and multiple squats involved. It's a workout in and of itself. For busy moms, it's even trickier when you have kids and spouses demanding things from you while you try.

    But can you imagine putting your pants on in a "Look, Ma, no hands!" kind of way? And how great would it be if you DID have your hands free to get other things done while pulling those pants on? Talk about the ultimate exercise in multitasking!

    Luckily, we have a step-by-step tutorial from one very limber YouTube guy to show us how to put on pants without using your hands. And believe us when we tell you that it's so strangely fascinating, you won't be able to look away.

    First, there's the mood-setting opening soundtrack ("The Final Countdown," of course!). Then, there's the stretching in preparation for the monumental feat. And finally, we have one of the most amazing hands-free acrobatic performances to ever hit the Internet ...

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    When was the last time you wore a slip dress? You know, those little spaghetti-strap dresses that look adorable when you're in your teens but start looking a little too insubstantial once you start having kids? Well, don't give up on them yet. Summer temperatures are creeping up already, and nothing keeps you cool like an easy, breezy slip dress. You don't have to be a 19-year-old waif to pull them off, either. They come in different shapes that flatter everyone. Here are 6 slip dresses that will make you feel cool and feminine this summer.

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    You guys, I just found my new favorite kind of underwear. It's a strapless thong: A strip of fabric that runs from the top of your nether regions to the base of your tailbone. It has a kind of reusable adhesive that sticks to your skin -- no string attached, so to speak. And it could save women everywhere from wardrobe malfunctions.

    I know what you're thinking -- strapless thong?!? Why the hell do I need THAT? I'll tell you why: Because it lets you avoid visible panty lines without putting you through the torture of wearing a thong. Apparently this is what a lot of celebs have been wearing under their fancy gowns the past couple of years, especially when they wear delicate dresses with those sheer panels running up the sides. I suppose they could just go commando, and many do. But there's a significant reason why they -- and moms like me -- might prefer a strapless thong to going commando.

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    It's hot and you want to wear shorts. But you also want to dress up. Well hello 21st-century gal, you're in luck -- because you can do both. There are dozens of ways to dress up shorts and make them go from casual/day-in-the-park to perfect for date night or even (depending on your office culture) work. It's all in how you put your separates together, and it's easier than you think. So have a look at some of our favorite dressed-up shorts looks and think about what you've already got in your wardrobe that you could recombine for a polished but cool summer.

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    What you wear can change your mood. This isn't shocking; in fact, it's something almost everyone I know can identify with. And now a psychologist actually found out that jeans totally make you feel depressed. I want to find this psychologist and high-five her. 

    I don't totally agree with her way of thinking -- she says we wear jeans when we're already depressed because we can't be bothered to look nice. That I take issue with. So would anyone who has ever found a magic pair of jeans that lifts, separates, and feels like butter. In other words, the entire cast of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

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    The 2014 Billboard Music Awards were an eye-catching affair, to be sure! There was glitter, glam, and more than one fashion disaster. On this night where the music world comes together to celebrate the year's greatest successes, it's only natural that we'd see some, shall we say, particularly daring stabs at fashion.

    The night had its share of surprise fashion winners. Kesha and Jennifer Lopez both wowed in ways I, for one, totally didn't expect to see. There were also some downright alarming fashion faux pas. Did you see Amber Rose's insane black sunglasses? I ask because I'm not sure she herself saw anything from behind them.

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    A 17-year-old senior from Chesterville, Virginia named Clare Ettinger is fighting back after being asked to leave a prom organized for homeschooled students. The offense: Male adult chaperones were afraid her "dancing was too provocative" and she was "going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts." Even though the young woman protested that she was wearing a dress that adhered to the "fingertip length" dress code, she and five friends she'd carpooled with were forced to leave the dance.

    In the wake of the incident, Clare blogged about her experience, writing, "The whole situation made me feel violated, walked over and ostracized." So wrong -- and such a heinous example of how parents are often reinforcing twisted values and standards that put the onus of preventing harassment and rape on young women instead of where it truly belongs.

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    Let me ask you a question. When you travel by air, what do you typically wear in order to maintain maximum comfort on the flight? I may be going out on a limb here, but something tells me your standard outfit doesn't remotely resemble Kim Kardashian's sheer black top and super-tight skirt, which look about as comfortable as a straitjacket.

    Um ... who wants to wear fabrics that cling to their skin while trying to relax at 30,000 feet? (Not me.)

    But in traditional Kim fashion, her choice of attire clearly served one purpose, and it had nothing to do with being able to snooze on the plane.

    Yep. Exactly. She apparently needed to make sure we don't forget how ample her breasts are.

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