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    You've probably noticed them popping up everywhere: bright, colorful, "skinny belts." They're the kind of thing that I love on other people, but am not quite sure how to approach myself, not really being a belt person in general. So I asked my style expert and author friend Bridgette Raes to give me some tips on how to work those fun, fab pieces into our wardrobes even if they don't quite seem like "us."

    Here are 4 tips on how to wear the bright belt trend and some colorful options out there for inspiration! Pair them with bright lipstick and you've got yourself a whole fresh new look!


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    Jessica Alba was recently spotted on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards sporting a trend that we never expected to make such a grownup comeback. She was wearing a bright yellow circle skirt (perfect for this season and one we'd love to have in our own closets) paired with ... a white crop top. Some cursory googling proved what we had begun to suspect was true: crop-tops for grownup ladies are making a comeback.

    They've been back for a while, but only for the Urban Outfitters-wearing set. I don't know about you, but it wasn't until I spotted mom of two Alba wearing one and looking totally foxy AND still incredibly classy that I began to think maybe this isn't a trend exclusively wearable by youngsters and whippet-thin celebs.

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    If you want to spot every celebrity currently walking the earth, all you have to do is fly to California, throw on the tiniest denim cut-offs you can find (extra points if they're fringed), and attend Coachella -- the hottest music festival in the history of music festivals. The 3-day event is heaven for famous people, who use it as an opportunity to mingle among the common people -- yeah, right -- and, more importantly, show off insane outfits and accessories that would get them laughed at by Joan Rivers if they tried to wear them anywhere outside of the Colorado Desert.

    Celebs may think time and good taste stand still while they're dancing their butts off at Coachella (cough, cough Leonardo DiCaprio), but we know better. And we're here to harshly judge the 10 outrageous looks these celebrities attempted to pull off at this year's festival.

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    It's April. It's time for the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. And we're all tired of formal fashion! Time to take things down a notch. Now that the big, fancy awards season is over, the celebs lighten up for this laid-back, casual show. But this is still no time to phone it in. I can't believe how many little black dresses I saw last night. Are we that sick of dressing up? Not everyone is! Here are four ensembles worth talking about and four ensembles that gave Grumpy Cat a reason to growl.

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    My great wish for all the women of the world is that we carry ourselves with confidence and self love when we're at the pool or the beach. Whatever you've got, wear it like the goddess that you are. But if you're concerned about avoiding humiliation while frolicking half-naked in public, there are a few swimsuit wardrobe malfunctions you should prepare yourself for. Some of these can be avoided, ladies. And some of these others just happen -- but you can still maintain your dignity regardless.

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    We've known Khloe Kardashian has been looking amazing for a while now. She has a major commitment to hitting the gym on the regular and it shows. One of the best testaments to this yet: One of her latest outfits, which, I'm telling you, not just anyone can rock, but in which Khloe looks like an outright bombshell

    The day after stepping off the plane from Thailand in this flowy, airy white and gray ensemble, Khloe took to the streets of L.A. in skintight, high-waisted black jeans. So hot! Take a look ...

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    Former model and now children's clothing designer Elizabeth Hurley has always been so fashionable. But this time, she's way off trend. Hurley is getting major flack for her girls' swim collection. The line for girls under 8 features, of all things, a leopard-print stringed number called the "Wild Cat Bikini." Mrwor! It's a bit much for moms who have been asking clothing designers to stop churning out clothes that sexualize children. Why does Hurley think moms want to buy their little girls a swimsuit that's "great for girls who want to look grown up"?

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    I had to go clothes shopping for my 10-year-old daughter this past weekend. She's going on a class trip next week to a cooler climate, and I had to make sure that she had jeans and a jacket, and extra socks, and of course new pajamas because she's going to be sharing a hotel room with three classmates and a chaperone.

    Also a one-piece bathing suit, because modesty, and apparently a bikini with a full rash guard doesn't count. Wait, why am I packing a swimsuit and a parka for the same trip? Never mind. I'm just following the list. And when it comes to shopping for the tween daughter, it is heads down, eyes forward, no nonsense, get in and get out as quickly as possible because I'm pretty sure that tween clothing stores are run by Satan.

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    Mad Men's January Jones is one pretty lady. But not the kind of lady who goes on TV without wearing any under-garments. Or so I thought. The 36-year-old went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night without her underwear.

    It was so obvious. So so obvious. Yet she somehow managed to pull it off in the ONLY way a proper lady could.

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    A cancer survivor who wore a tutu during a race was made fun of in the April issue of Self and was extremely offended, to say the least.

    The magazine writer declared war on tutus worn during races in a column called "The BS Meter." Underneath a photo of two women wearing superhero T-shirts and tutus -- one of whom was Monika Allen, who was undergoing chemo for brain cancer -- the caption read: ”A racing tutu epidemic has struck NYC’s Central Park, and it’s all because people think these froufrou skirts make you run faster. Now, if you told us they made people run from you faster, maybe we would believe it.”

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, especially when it comes to fashion, but this Self writer was totally off-base and ill-informed.

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