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    Admit it: you would have killed to have parents like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith when you were 13. I know I would have saved myself a lot of humiliation and the trouble of telling lies my parents never believed anyway just so I could go do something stupid that I shouldn't have been doing in the first place. Well, Willow Smith has no such concerns.

    The ridiculously hip -- as in waaaay too hip for someone barely out of her tweens -- daughter of the coolest parents ever was recently photographed hanging out on her bed with actor Moises Arias. Oh yeah, Moises is 20 and isn't wearing a shirt. Sounds a lot like what you were doing at 13, right?!

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    Look who's kid just landed a 20-page fashion spread. Victoria and David Beckham's oldest son Brooklyn made his modeling debut on the cover of Man About Town -- and does he ever look exactly like both of his parents. But the 15-year-old doesn't look too grown-up in this men's magazine. He's featured in an article on the teenage lifestyle, and is posed to look just like you're typical 15-year-old boy ... well, maybe a much more glamorous version, anyway. But here's how Brooklyn's parents are keeping their superstar son grounded.

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    Big changes are on the horizon for Jessa Duggar. The third eldest daughter of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar is about to have her courtship with Ben Seewald opened up to the masses with tonight's premiere of the eighth season of 19 Kids & Counting on TLC. So what does Jessa think of all of this? Is the reality star really on board with sharing her private life with the masses ... or is that her parents' doing?

    The Stir asked Jessa how she feels about courting with an audience, and whether her parents pressure her to put up a front. Is she really on board with being a reality star?

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    Actor Paul Walker's daughter Meadow Walker has not had it easy these past few months. First her father dies, then the teen finds out she'll have to uproot and go live with grandma if she wants her giant inheritance, throwing her right in the middle of an epic custody war. But it looks like cooler heads are prevailing. Finally!

    Cheryl Walker, Paul's mom, may have gotten custody of her granddaughter in the Fast and Furious star's will, but the girl's mom, Rebecca Soteros, may not be losing her child after all.

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    Have you heard about the Duggar girls' new book, Growing Up Duggar, in which Jill, Jinger, Jessa, and Janna discuss everything from dating to growing up in such a large family to their relationship with God and everything in between?

    It promises to be quite the interesting read -- especially since they definitely aren't living the lives of typical teenagers. They don't kiss boys. They don't watch TV. And they don't frantically check and update their Facebook status 100 times a day because social media really doesn't fit into their daily life.

    And while some will probably argue that they're missing out on so many life experiences because of the sheltered life they lead -- they actually seem a whole lot happier than a lot of teens today.

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    When it comes to the issue of whether Justin Bieber should be deported to Canada, First Lady Michelle Obama isn't speaking -- despite the fact that the White House has reportedly received a petition containing a whopping 252,782 signatures in favor of giving the pop star the boot. Mama Bear Michelle is far more interested in doling out advice to a person who seems like she could use it: Justin's mom. In a recent interview, Michelle said she would pull Justin close if she were his mom and that she would be very present in his life. She reminded us that Biebs is, at the end of the day, just a kid who is still growing up and that all he needs is love and the strong arm of the law in the form of a strong mom.

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    Sometimes teenagers can be next to impossible to read. You ask them what's new and get an artful, almost-Parisian shrug in return. You ask them how their day was and get a grunt or, on a particularly interesting day, the odd monosyllable. They don't mean to be distant weirdos. It's just that they are so caught up in a world that's infinitely more complex than your adult mind can handle...or so they think. 

    This is where TV can really help us. While obviously the shows we watch aren't perfect mirrors of reality, they can provide us with archetypes of teenage behavior. Not that a TV show can really help us decipher what's going on in our teenagers' brains. But they can help reassure us that whatever's going on is totally normal -- and there's a TV Teen Stereotype to prove it. 

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    It's not all that odd for teens to be a little embarrassed of their parents. One would think that for 15-year-old Malia Obama, having a dad that's the President of the United States would change that. Just maybe Dad would be someone she'd want to introduce to her friends.

    Well, think again. First Lady Michelle Obama recently joked with People about her daughter's distaste for introducing her friends to Dad when they come by the White House. Yes, even Malia is hesitant to introduce Barack to her friends.

    Her reason?

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    Growing up, Breeanna "Bree" Speicher didn't tell many people her biological father was an anonymous sperm donor. She was too afraid of what people would think. But now the high schooler is about to share that and  whole lot more with the world as star of MTV's new docu-drama Generation Cryo, which airs tonight in the 10 p.m. time slot that used to be taken up by Teen Mom.

    Coming on the heels of the release of Dreamworks' Delivery Man, a movie about a (fictional) man who finds out he's the father of some 533 kids because of some donations he made to a sperm bank, the show is a more serious look at what it means to have a child thanks to donor sperm. With IVF and IUI rates climbing rapidly in the United States, the network has partnered with the Donor Sibling Registry, a site where kids born from donor sperm, egg, or embryo can meet up to find relatives, to bring the story of Bree and her half-siblings scattered 'round the country to the masses. 

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    New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde kind of flew in under the radar this summer, but now all of a sudden, she's HUGE. After hearing her songs, I was stunned to find out she's just barely 17 years old. She's got such a grownup voice, grownup talent, and grownup outlook on life. And guess what else is surprisingly mature about her? Lorde just signed a $2.5 million deal with Songs Music Publishing. She's a self-made millionaire at a terribly young age. And as a parent I have to wonder -- are Mom and Dad having conversations with their daughter about money?

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