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    We've come a long way in the United States in our collective effort to shut down bullying once and for all. There have been countless celeb-packed campaigns, such as "It Gets Better," and some schools have instituted a zero tolerance for bullying rule. But one school in Nebraska clearly didn't get the memo. Zeman Elementary School fifth-graders were recently sent home with what the school deemed a "Rules for Handling Bullies" flyer, and all I can say is: Prepare to be enraged.

    This pamphlet literally paints the bullies as the victims and advises the real victims not to tell on them. You need to see this to believe this:

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    A shocking new video shows every parent's nightmare -- a school bus driver not only mocking a young girl as a "crybaby," but also encouraging other kids to join in!

    The Floresville Elementary School employee has been fired for "childish and immature" behavior. Superintendent Sherri Bays said she was very concerned about the incident and that it was "definitely not appropriate."

    The unidentified driver can be seen on the tape calling the student a crybaby and egging the other students on to join her. "Ready?" she asks. "Cry ... cry ... cry ... I want my mama."

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    A former Nebraska Catholic school girl who claims she was bullied in high school for her career ambitions just got sentenced to 45 days in jail for her act of "revenge" on her alma mater.

    19-year-old Valerie Dodds broke into Lincoln Pius X High School in May 2013 to pose for a series of lewd photographs. She was apparently snapped nude on the football field, and touching herself elsewhere on campus. The teenager has big career aspirations in the adult film industry, and feels that her former teachers and classmates bullied her for that dream.

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    A concerned father may have found the most ingenious solution of all time to having his kid being bullied -- he filed a restraining order against the 9-year-old he says was bullying his son. While this might sound like yet another case of a parent being overprotective and stepping in to fight battles that should best be left to the kids, the dad says he did this as a "last resort," and that he had "tried everything else," and yet the school district was still ignoring him.

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    Got some pain relievers? Grab them, because this story is bound to give you a headache. A school in North Carolina is getting a lot of heat right now after telling a 9-year-old boy that he can't bring his My Little Pony lunchbag to school anymore.

    What's so wrong with Rarity and Rainbow Dash that a school would ban the ponies? Well, it turns out Grayson Bruce was being bullied over his bag.

    Way to punish the victim, Buncombe County Schools?

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    If there's a little girl in your house, no doubt at some point she's tried to stick up for herself. But what word would you use to describe her when she does it? Be honest: have you called her bossy?

    Maybe you'll be surprised to hear it, but when you plug "bossy" into a thesaurus, the words spat back at you are all negative: domineering, high-handed, domineering. Is that really what we think of our daughters just for sticking up for themselves? For having dreams? For speaking out?

    Calling girls negative names for being leaders has gone on far too long, and powerful women around the world have had enough. Celebrity women who were called "bossy" when they were kids have signed on to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's Ban Bossy Project to tell your girls that it's OK to be strong! 

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    A teacher was recently fired after doing something to a student that would tug at any parent's heart. When an austistic student in her class got his head stuck in his own chair, she didn't help him or bring in anyone else to help free the boy. Instead, the teacher took out her phone and began filming. Yeah, because humiliating a kid who is already and embarrassed and scared is definitely a winning plan when it comes to discipline. Just appalling!

    The school's principal resigned almost immediately. This was appropriate given that he saw what was going on and did nothing to stop it OR help the student. The teacher was put on suspended leave with pay while the administration decided what next steps should be for her. I think that was pretty obvious to parents everywhere -- kick her to the curb!

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    A middle school student is in some serious trouble after a recent admission. What did the kid in question confess? He spiked a cooler of Gatorade at a basketball game with what he called a "small amount" of bleach. Say what now? He's being disciplined, the school assured parents, and thankfully all of the students who drank from the cooler are fine. No one even reported getting sick, so that's something I guess.

    The school is doing everything it possibly can to make amends. They've offered to cover the costs of any students who went to the doctor after ingesting the beverage. They have also disciplined three other students who saw the student in question pour the bleach into the Gatorade. But there's one thing they aren't saying -- how was the kid able to gain access to the cooler in the first place?

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    Parents are suing six teenagers and their parents over cyberbullying their 16-year-old daughter. Texas parents Reymundo Esquivel and Shellie Tingle-Esquivel are enraged that their daughter's classmates allegedly created an Instagram page showing topless and bottomless teens and included their daughter on the page. It's unclear if they were real photos or fake, but the suit alleges that seven classmates "participated in making several malicious, untrue, suggestive, derogatory, inflammatory, and sexually explicit statements regarding the teen."

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    My daughter's backpack had just barely cleared the door of her bus when the tears began to fall. "B.* called me a baby because I like stuffed animals!" she sobbed. "And she got me in trouble again!" My 8-year-old used to get off the bus with a smile on her face and a song in her heart, but I haven't seen that smile much lately.

    Instead I hear that she has a stomach ache and doesn't think she should go to school tomorrow. Instead I hear about B. B. who calls her names. B. who makes up lies about her. B. who excludes her on the playground.

    B. is a bully. And I'm about to say something that will probably make you gasp.

    I hate B.

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