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    I think we can all agree that not one of the people on The Bachelor or Bachelorette are overweight in any way. Ali Fedotowsky included. But because the world is a critical one and people feel the need to call people names or make them feel bad about themselves, Ali has been called fat. To her face even.

    The camera supposedly adds 10 pounds, but even with 10 more pounds, Ali is not fat. Still she's been berated by so-called fans on the street.

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    Have you heard of Freelee the Banana Girl? No, she isn't some performer in a circus sideshow (though with a name like that, your confusion is understandable). Freelee is a self-proclaimed 'diet guru' on YouTube. She preaches the benefits of a raw, vegan, fruit diet as the key to losing weight and staying fit. So far that just sounds hard to do, but not insane, right? 

    That's until you get to the part where you learn pretty much all this woman eats is fruit. She stays 'raw until 4' eating meals of only uncooked fruit. After 4 she'll have a cooked meal ... or more fruit ... or potatoes. Thrilling. 

    Keep in mind, it's not like she's only eating a couple pieces of the stuff either. That's where it gets even more extreme. Freelee talks about how she can eat as many as 51 bananas in one sitting, or over 7 pounds of potatoes

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    I have a little confession to make, since I'm (mostly) all about keeping it real up in here. You see, I really, really love food. Like, ridiculously love food. You know the saying, "some people eat to live and others live to eat"? I don't even understand that first group. People that say they're so busy they forgot to eat? They might as well be speaking Greek. Mmmm, Greek yogurt. Wait, what?

    Anyway, not only do I love to eat, but I'm a stress eater. This one time in college, a friend said she always got really skinny after a breakup, because she couldn't eat when she was sad. I was all -- but, but, but ... ice cream!

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    All eyes were on Biggest Loser season 15 winner Rachel Frederickson when she took the stage -- and what the audience saw made jaws drop to the floor. Having dropped 155 pounds, Rachel won the grand prize but left America in a state of shock, debating whether or not the 24-year-old was truly the picture of health and happiness. Now, two months -- and 20 pounds -- later, it seems like she really is. 

    Rachel admitted to Us Weekly that she felt like she initially took her weight loss too far and that since the show wrapped, the scale has bounced up to 125 pounds ... which she couldn't be happier about.

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    For quite some time now, I've had some major self-esteem/body image issues going on. Actually, it's been more like self-loathing. Ever since I went back to work full-time two years ago, keeping extra weight off has been a bit of a struggle, to say the least.

    In my opinion, I'm a good 10 pounds heavier than what I consider to be an ideal weight for myself. I've tried pretty much every trick in the book to somehow squeeze back into my favorite pair of jeans -- which coincidentally I bought when I was around 25 or so.

    Even though common sense tells me that at almost 37, I need to let go of the fantasy of ever looking as thin and beautiful as I did during my younger days -- it's easier said than done. I look at the photo of me above and think, "Ugh. My face looks heavy. My arms are fat. I used to be so hot and now it's all gone in the shitter."

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    When Barbie -- the iconic doll that debuted in 1959 -- celebrates her 55th birthday on March 9, a lot of us will be cheering about something else: The creation of a "normal Barbie," aka Lammily. Last summer, artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm showed us what a doll based on measurements of an average 19-year-old woman would look like. Today, that digital fantasy is actually ready for production. And in just the past few days, since debuting his project, Lamm has raised $236,231 to cover the costs of tooling, molding, and to meet the manufacturer's minimum order quantity. In turn, it's looking like a beautiful, "average"-looking doll is actually going to be available for girls to purchase! Amazing!

    Still, we can't help but have some Qs for the man behind the doll. Nickolay spoke with us about his motivation for making Lammily, what the reaction has been so far, and more ...

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    Does this sound like you when you’re talking about your fitness? "I’m so out of shape." "I’m fat." "I could never do that." "I’m so slow/weak/unfit."

    I’d guess you don’t realize how often you’re saying these kinds of negative things about yourself. Whether you’re just listening to an internal critic or voicing your criticism aloud, it’s a huge detriment to your confidence and hinders your work out progress. Negative self-talk can become self-fulfilling prophecy -- if you tell yourself you're likely to fail, you probably will. With a positive attitude, you're less likely to give up on a workout and you're more likely to give it your all.

    If you want to get more out of hitting the gym, it's time to kill the negative self-talk. Don't know how? Here are 8 ways to kick negativity out of the way so it doesn't kill your workout.

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    I have a love-hate relationship with HBO's Girls. I loved the first season, sort of hated the second, and now I'm just not sure how I feel about the third. But I watch it nonetheless. 

    I don't generally take much away from the episodes, other than feeling glad I'm not a 20-something anymore. After watching the episode two weeks ago when Hannah spent almost the entire time in a small green string bikini, I sort of had an epiphany about postpartum bodies, even though Lena Dunham has yet to have any babies herself.

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    Stand-up comic Erin Keaney is a far braver woman than I, and I think she may be my hero right now. The 43-year-old mom of two recently uploaded her hilarious “Muffin Top” video to YouTube to preach about body acceptance.

    I love when people can accept their flaws -- perceived or real  -- and chose to laugh at them. Let’s face it, most of us, especially us mamas, have a little bit of a muffin top going on. Spanx wouldn’t be a thing if we didn’t.

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    A new social media trend is making teens look ugly -- and I mean that literally. Girls are revolting against the sexy glamourpuss selfies of Instagram with something way more fun and inventive: "Ugly" selfies, in which you make yourself look as unattractive as you possibly can. Think tucked-in chins, googly eyes, messed-up hair, contorted grimaces. They're hilarious, and even better, they give us hope for the next generation.

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