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    If you have, or have ever been, a teenager, you know that peers are the most important people in their world. That’s who they turn to for advice, for help, for answers to life’s questions. After all, parents are way too out-of-touch to even begin to understand anything!

    One in four teens has misused or abused a prescription drug at least once in their lifetime, according to research from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. The CDC is calling prescription drug use an epidemic, as more Americans now die from overdoses than in car crashes! And it’s a good bet that not many of the teenagers with drug problems are talking to their parents.

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    Sponsored Post: 'Not My Kid!'

    posted by The Stir Bloggers September 8 at 5:22 PM in Teen
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    "My kid would NEVER!"

    How many times have you heard those four words? And how many times have you said them about your own child?

    We all like to believe that we are on top of our kids and would know right off if they were doing something they shouldn’t be doing. But, sadly, there are way too many teenagers out there abusing prescription medicine, even though we truly believe they never, ever would.

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    There are three things you can be sure of when it comes to your favorite stars: they always have a huge entourage in tow, no one ever tells them no, and they are more likely to have a major meltdown than to ever pick up an Oscar, Emmy, or Grammy.

    The latter used to be a rare, jaw-dropping event. Not so anymore. Stars head to rehab after being outed with a sex or drug addiction, or caught during a homophobic rant. It used to be that these headline-grabbing embarrassments meant the end of their career. But some particularly savvy stars have been able to rebound back onto the A-list. Check out the 10 greatest celeb comebacks of all time.



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    I love hearing stories about siblings looking out for each other (it gives me hope for my own two boys!) but this kind of help is NOT what I usually have in mind. Matthew Robbins, a 32-year-old Pennsylvania man, was arrested last week and charged with endangering the welfare of a child (among other things) for “protecting” his 14-year-old sister by GIVING HER HEROIN.


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    A heinous Twitter account has been suspended for promoting the lewdest of lewd teenage behavior. @LIPartyStories, which had more than 25,000 followers, tweeted pictures of high school students from Long Island in various states of sobriety and dress.

    Some of the shocking photos featured veiled threats of rape, inebriation to the point of needing a stomach pump, and even one of a teen girl in a tiara peeing in a sink. Lots of passed out naked folks as well.

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    As a former smoker, I am well-aware that smoking is bad for you. That's why I'm a former smoker. In fact, I think it's safe to say that the no smoking movement has been successful enough in their campaigns that even folks still puffing away KNOW that smoking is bad for them.

    But it's also totally addictive. And the marketing of those delicious and deadly sticks is totally pernicious. That marketing is still a hot-button issue, especially when it comes to groups who are at higher risk for addiction, you know, like teenagers.

    A new study released charges tobacco companies with the crime of deliberately marketing their products to the more easily influenced teenage demographic. It's not shocking, but it's one more reason why talking to your teens about smoking is absolutely necessary. That doesn't make it feel any less lame, though.

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    Kids love sugar. This isn't exactly newsworthy, is it? But a new study reveals that the under-18 set is straying away from soda and turning instead to sweetened coffee drinks. Coffee is to blame for nearly a quarter of children's daily caffeine intake, up 10 percent from a decade ago. The study suggests that our negative attitude toward soda has a lot to do with it, while our acceptance of coffee and some of its positive and healthy attributes is contributing to their habit. And yes, I said habit. Researchers fear all of the yummy, creamy frappuccinos and chocolate chip mocha lattes could be to blame for a potential future caffeine addiction

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    When it comes to the issue of whether Justin Bieber should be deported to Canada, First Lady Michelle Obama isn't speaking -- despite the fact that the White House has reportedly received a petition containing a whopping 252,782 signatures in favor of giving the pop star the boot. Mama Bear Michelle is far more interested in doling out advice to a person who seems like she could use it: Justin's mom. In a recent interview, Michelle said she would pull Justin close if she were his mom and that she would be very present in his life. She reminded us that Biebs is, at the end of the day, just a kid who is still growing up and that all he needs is love and the strong arm of the law in the form of a strong mom.

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    I once witnessed an adolescent attempt to snort chalk as a joke. After giving him a stern lecture and telling his mom, I just couldn't stop shaking my head and wondering, What in the hell is wrong with kids these days? Apparently, I was late to the party with this one because teens have been snorting all kinds of weird powders that aren't actual drugs -- including Smarties candies -- for years now. Some even film themselves doing it and post their videos on YouTube. The good news, or as close to good news as we're going to get, is that the latest warning against snorting Smarties is so horrifying and repulsive, it may actually get your teen to listen to you for a change. 

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    Kurtis Hildreth was a healthy 18-year-old, according to his family members, who never had a heart condition or experienced seizures. Two months ago, the Alaskan teen was found dead in his bedroom with a pipe filled with a synthetic brand of marijuana known as Spice at his feet. Although the medical examiner's office declared the cause of his death to be "undetermined," Kurtis' family feels the catalyst was obvious: Spice. Now they are making it a priority to spread the word about this drug, which is totally legal and gaining in popularity among some teens. 

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