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    Easter egg hunts are an exciting part of this month -- many schools, churches, and communities host them, bringing families together for some fun. But one Easter egg hunt in Michigan turned out a little sinister. 

    At Huron Park Elementary, preschoolers took part in one of those plastic egg hunts and inside one of those eggs, a mom found Alprazolam, which is generic Xanex.

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    Explaining holidays to kids can be a tricky business, particularly when you're trying to balance spiritual customs and childhood mythology. It's not always easy to help guide your children toward a meaningful holiday observance while also attempting to make sense of the fact that there's a guy in a giant creepy bunny suit at the mall and he wants little kids to sit on his lap, right?

    I found eight moms who admit they accidentally wrecked their kid's Easter, thanks to some good intentions -- and some very bad mishaps and misunderstandings. If you've ever created more holiday confusion than celebration for your own kids, take solace from these hilarious/cringe-worthy stories of Easter traditions gone wrong.

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    Unless you're jetting off for a week of fun in the sun on the beach or something, spring break is definitely bittersweet for most parents. On the one hand, it's so nice to get to spend some extra quality time with your kiddos.

    But on the other hand -- all of that extra quality time can wind up being kind of a drag if you don't plan ahead and figure out how to fill up each and every single moment to keep your kids entertained.

    Of course, when the week kicks off, you insist you're never going to allow your children to have an opportunity to utter the two most dreaded words of any school vacation.

    "I'm borrrreeed."

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    As long as there are cars and families, there will be family road trips. And just like in the olden days of our childhoods, there are still those classic road trip moments today that simply have to be captured on camera (and cameraphone and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and ...). Things may look a little different now than in the days of 35mm film, but the need to capture those irresistible pit stops and roadside views from the family vacation remains the same.

    Let's take a look at some of those classic snapshots from then and their modern, must-have versions.

    Happy travels!

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    A dad in Michigan is upset that the school his two children, ages 7 and 9, attend handed out flyers for an Easter egg hunt "Eggstravaganza!" Majed Moughni said that it "really bothered" his kids when they received the colorful invitation at school, which advertised the event that took place at a local Presbyterian Church. "My son was like, 'Dad, I really don't feel comfortable getting these flyers, telling me to go to church. I thought churches are not supposed to mix with schools,'" Moughni said.

    And his son has a point. Whatever happened to that whole church and state thing?

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    Looking for a fun, out-of-the-ordinary travel experience with your kids? How about a destination that will scare them? We're not talking dangerous. Just a little bit creepy. Here are 5 fabulous vacation destinations that will give your kids the chills, in a thrilling way, of course. They'll be talking about these trips for years.

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    So the kids are on spring break, and you're wondering what the heck you're going to do with them day after day? Time to break out the crafts and get them busy! And what better way to pass their time off school away then by making bunnies and chicks for to help you decorate the house for Easter?

    Yup, that's right, Easter's hopping our way, and thank goodness for crafty mom bloggers everywhere because your kids can turn Peeps into taste treats and wine corks into cute little chicks.

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    Here are some very dangerous battle things that kids should do before they turn 9. They should do them because this might help them later in their lives when a dragon tries to attack them.

    Also, it might help them in case a giant zombie robot attacks their family and tries to burn the world down to ashes. Plus these are really fun and they are only for boys.

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    I volunteered in Evan's kindergarten class yesterday. No, not out of the kindness of my heart, but because they asked me to and I couldn't think of an excuse quickly enough. But it turns out, despite my feelings on other people's kids, my time there wasn't all bad. Some parts of the morning were actually kind of nice.

    So, for any other non-kid loving parents, or for myself next time I'm dreading the duty, here are some reasons that volunteering isn't only for the other mothers ...

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    Mason jar terrariums look like a really fun way to bring a miniature piece of nature inside. After researching many of the pins I saw on Pinterest showing how to put something like this together, I decided to give it a try.

    All the materials you need to complete this project can be found at a craft store or in your own home. I grabbed a mason jar, pebbles, dirt, moss and a couple fun figurines and got to work!

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