Racially Segregated Proms Still a Tradition?


promI was shocked reading this article in the New York Times, which reports that racially segregated proms are still a tradition in some rural towns in the South.

For example, students of Montgomery County High School in Georgia attend either (what they refer to as)  "the black-folks prom" or "the white-folks prom."

How is this permitted?

Because the proms are private—sponsored and organized NOT by the schools but outside of school by student committees with the help of parents—segregation is allowed. Even though interracial friendships and relationships are common at the school, according to the article:

"All students are welcome at the black prom, though generally few if any white students show up. The white prom, students say, remains governed by a largely unspoken set of rules about who may come."

The article reports that students find segregated proms to be "awkward" and even hurtful. Still, when asked why this situation continues year after year, both students and parents fall back on the same reasoning: It's tradition.

Is this prejudice masquerading as tradition? What do you think?

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beach... beachmamaof2

Some 'traditions' should be changed...

etsmom etsmom

I think it's rediculous!  There is no need to fuel more racial issues in this country. 

ethan... ethans_momma06

When the meaning behind something has become lost and the only reason for continuing it is 'Tradition', it is time to change.

In this day and age there is absolutly no reason to have a segregated dance and it is only causing those children to view thier peers at a racial level. NOT something I hope to pass on to my children. I have to add that my child would not be attending prom if we lived down there.

Jessi... JessicasFirst

There was a movie about this on Lifetime, I found it insane that it actually still happens. I couldnt imagine not being able to go to the same prom as my friends or having to have a prom date that wasnt my boyfriend. What about hispanics or asians? are they considered white or black or do they have their own proms also? Personally I dont see people for their color when I see someone they are just a person not a black person or white person they are just people!

kdgre... kdgreen07

Oh yeah...im from Georgia, and although you dont here about it in big cities, its the small little pass through towns that have this going on. Like the article says, any one can show up to the black prom, but unless you are a star athlethe you better not step foot near the white one...those are towns I dont drive through after dark if you know what i mean.

krist... kristie190

I can not believe people still act that way toward each other crazy just crazy

mssemmy mssemmy

oh I can totally believe it. My aunt moved to Alabama when she got married (before I was born). After a few years her point of view became a little off IMO because 'that's just the way things are done'. It's hard to see how to change things when your in the middle of it.


man i cant believe this still existes that is crazy  and stupid

HotCo... HotCouture

Is this true? Wow thats so hard to believe!

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