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Should Teens Be Allowed to Get a Brazilian Wax?

tweens and teens getting Brazilian waxes

If you're planning a family trip to the shore or a resort this winter, there's a good chance your tween or teen daughter may be working up the nerve to ask if she can get a Brazilian wax.

More tweens and teen girls seem to be getting these barely-there removals lately -- this I know from my own real-life circle of moms with older girls.

Boy, oh, boy I can't even imagine how my mother would have reacted if I had requested one when I was a tween!

She and my father nearly had a heart attack when I came downstairs one morning and announced that I had gotten a tattoo, displaying the string-bean size green and brown snake on my bicep. OMG, It was fake! It took another 10 minutes to convince them I was only joking!

And I was 22!


At what age would you allow your daughter to get a Brazilian wax?

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Are Brazilian waxes inappropriate for young girls? Do you have one?

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qtmomof2 qtmomof2

Hmmm ...I don't know. I don't wax 'down there' but I do shave. I have a teen SD and I don't want to know what she does with the hair down there LOL! Not my business. I don't think I'd pay for a waxing for her ...but whatever she does with shaving is her business.

Beths... Bethsunshine

If she has to get that area waxed for a bathing suit, then obviously that suit is WAY to revealing and skimpy!!

Karee... KareemsMami

I'm still a teen for another 2 months :] but, I'd never consider a wax down there. Just because I know it hurts ripping the bandaid off your arm with hair on it, that area is more sensitive. I'd be screaming bloody murder LOL. But probably 17 or older but she'd pay for it.

Octob... Octobersmom

When she is 18 and an adult my dd can do anything she wants...until then I am not about to help her get no Brazilian waxes for her LOL

momof... momofkearra

I feel that the American public doesn't take the time to educate their children properly about proper hygeine and grooming procedures when it comes to those "forbidden" areas. My mother never informed me that trimming or shaving down there was acceptable or should be encouraged... How do you think a young woman would feel if she never learned this and on her first experience with a guy he freaked out because her stuff was like a jungle? (sorry for the lack of educated terminology) All I'm saying is that it can be detrimental to someone if their parents don't show them what is acceptable and what is considered "gross", unhygenic, or unappealing.

etsmom etsmom

When my daughter is 18 she is old enough to make a decision about her body.  I will teach her about trimming for hygene, but if she needs to get waxed because of her suit, then we are going to be getting a new suit that covers a bit more.  I am tired of seeing young women being exploited by our overly easy acceptence of loose morals.  My daughter doesn't need to be bald down below because that is what is considered sexy.

smili... smilinghug

I would let my TEEN not tween daughter get a BIKINI wax, but not a brazillian. When my daughter is 18 and can do it on her own then more power to her. I have had several, and wouldn't want to put her through that torture until she was old enough to "know" why you go through the pain. But since I am hoping that she won't be sexually active till upwards of her teen years, there would be no reason for her to get a brazillian. She can trim to keep down the bush...and get a bikini wax to do that area, to not be "embarrased" about the pubic hair sticking out. Or having to deal with razor burn/rash. As a preivous poster stated however, I will not allow for an overly "skimpy" suit, but even I have to get a bikini wax done for my suits and they are NOT revelaling, but we grow over the "panty" line if you know what I mean!

RanaA... RanaAurora

Like smilinghug, I'd allow a BIKINI but not a BRAZILLIAN.

mamao... mamaoftwins2006

Shoot I read that wrong, lol, and I should know better I went to cosmetology school, lol. Anyway, my kids are 3 so this doesn't really apply yet but if they were in their teens I might allow a bikini wax but not a full brazillian and I would hope that wouldn't happen before they were 16. I also agree with the other posters that I wouldn't really want my girls to be wearing really revealing suits and that its ok to have some hairs show a bit. I was never exposed to brazillian or bikini waxing til I was in beauty school studing it, lol.

pyrat... pyrateprincess

I have never waxed down there..i have only shaved. if i had asked my parents for that at a tween age...they would have freaked out.  I probably wouldn't freak out if my daughter requested it..but it would be a deffinate no. in my opinion waxing "down there" means they want to show off for someone.

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