SATs: Taking the Test More Than Once


For the first time in the history of the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), this spring, high school juniors who take the exam will have the option of re-taking it several times and choosing which score potential colleges see. The College Board's former policy was that if you sent one score to a school, that college could also see the scores from every time you've taken the test. But starting in March, students will be able to hide undesirable SAT scores as well as how many times they actually took the test.

On the surface this appears to be a win-win for all students, but critics accuse the plan of being biased against low-income kids that might not be able to afford the $45 exam fee repeated times--or the tutoring that often goes with it.

Some universities are also wary of the plan because it potentially skews the context in which a score was achieved. For example, If a student scores a 1250 total the first time and another scores 1250 after taking it four times, do those children have the same ability? Should that matter?

Will your highschooler be taking the SAT's this spring? In your opinion, is the Score Choice plan a good thing?

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pilgr... pilgrimmom

Not sure, but I do know that there are'practice runs' online to help kids prepare.  I do see the point about low-income kids, and I'm not sure what to think.  I am low income now [cancer] but was able to give my kids a good start in a private school.  They are very bright, and now we use the public school system.  But...we live in an exceptionally good school district, so I think I wouldn't be able to address the issues adequately.

Kimbe... KimberlyStanley

it is big biz here in northern va and parents spend lots of money with tutors and all and love the idea that they can take it mutiple times....i am on the belief that if you study in highschool and try then what ever it is it will be fine.  There is a college for everyone. 

Erica37 Erica37

My son has taken the test,And Is about to start applying to Colleges.I already have one son in College,So I'm Super Excited for Justin.He will be Graduating at the end of May 2009!He ask me everyday if my tax forms have come in the mail,So we can fill out the FASA Form! He is also applying for Scholarships,I'm sure he will receive,Hes very smart,Not missed a day of School ever,On the Track,And Cross Country teams,Student Council,And is involved in Young Life outside of School.,Amongst other great things.He is Graduating with Honors!

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