Mom Calls Cops on 15-Year-Old Son for Watching Naughty Movies

television and remoteWhat would you do if you walked into your home, turned on your television, and found some X-rated films? Immediately call the cops on your 15-year-old son for watching porn, maybe? Well, that's exactly what one South Carolina mother did when she returned home to find sex scenes on the living room television. Her teenage son was in his room at the time, but Chavonda Gallman immediately ushered her 2-year-old daughter and real estate client out of the house and called 911.

According to a report, the teen "has been having behavioral issues," and mom wanted to document his "behavior" and the fact that her 2-year-old had been exposed to porn when the TV was switched on.

Well, there's a reaction for you.

Listen, mom. The kid won't have hairy palms. He won't go blind. And his willy won't fall off just because he's been having a little fun with some X-rated films.

And as for the 2-year-old? She likely has no idea what's going on. Except for the quick visit by the boys in blue. That was probably a highlight for her!

Here's the deal, parents: porn is everywhere. Even research says so. Whether it's online or pay-per-view, it's readily available for adults, even teenagers who are crafty enough to bypass those parental controls (sorry, but we all know those are a joke). And whether you want to believe it or not, 93 percent of boys say they've watched porn before the age of 18 and most have watched it by 14. Are you really surprised?

They're teenagers who are going through puberty and starting to navigate their own sexuality! Hormones are real and they've taken over the brain. Plus, why do you think your son takes those 30-minute showers? He's not deep conditioning his hair ... just an FYI.

Yes, teens need rules. Don't let them roam free with no consequences or set guidelines. But realize that as you're trying your hardest to parent (sometimes multiple kids at once), they're just exploring who they are.

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So have "the talk." Teach them about responsible sexual behaviors (key word, right there), set down some rules about porn watching (not on the family TV where little sis could see!), but don't vilify them for doing what every kid does. That's not going to help them in the long run.

Sorry, it had to be said.

Have you had a conversation about porn with your teen? What are your rules?


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nonmember avatar Really

"They're just exploring who they are." says the stir writer. Well his horny little butt can do it in his room not in the living area where his sister and mom spend time. His mom brought a client and was embarrassed. This boy wouldn't have porn to watch if his mom didn't work to provide that nice tv for him to watch porn on. Why do people act like once their children are teens they can no longer parent?! Ridiculous! Go to your room and by all means masturbate until your little winky falls off.

nonmember avatar Michael

Really, that is all well and fine until your son ends up on a sex offender listing. You can parent without getting the cops involved...

nonmember avatar Linda

I think that was a serious overreaction on the moms part. No need for the police. It was a situation that should have been handled between her and her son.

nonmember avatar Really

@michael the mom is a moron no doubt but most people that make the news are. My point was to the stir writer, who appears to think that watching porn in the family's living room at your parents is no big deal.

nonmember avatar Michael

Fair enough. Particularly since he may have harmed the family income with the client that was in the house.

BGarcel BGarcel

Really, if what you've been told about your parenting style leads you to feel like you can't parent a teenager any more then perhaps you do need to change your parenting style. There are many parents out there that have successfully parented teens without receiving criticisms on their methods. You're not one of them.

nonmember avatar goofy&chunk

Did some of you guys not read the last paragraph? She said to lay down some rules, "(not on the family tv where little did could see!)" Just because she's nonchalant about it doesn't mean that she thinks it's ok that the kid was watching porn in the living room. This mother clearly overreacted. Yeah, if I caught one of my boys "playing" in the family room, is be pissed and a little embarrassed, but I wouldn't condemn him for it. Masturbation is normal. And hey, at least he's not out there getting a girl pregnant.

Prett... Prettymotherof2

Lmao she should of been charged for their time. Yea behavioral issues because his mom is an idiot who freaks out about everything. I would of just said I apologize I have a 15 year old son and laugh about it. And maybe now she will consider showing him he can just get on his labtop next time and buy him some condoms cause he's probably gonna wanna try out them new learned moved lmao bahaha boys will be boys

Elizabeth Anderson

i think thats sad. it starts out small.evidence also proves its had a negative effect on very many and more should be done to stop it. And i know personally from my own experiences it negatively effects small children to your neighbors to all your reltionships as it grows. or it did in my circumstance. sad just sad. thats what tears are for.

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