Teen Wakes Up to Find Cellphone on Fire in Her Bed

cellphone in bedTeens and their cellphones are rarely parted these days. Some kids even sleep with their cellphones, but if your child is one them, take heed! A Texas teen woke up to the smell of something burning in her bed this week.

Turns out the 13-year-old is one of those kids whose cellphone ends up under her pillow at night -- and the gadget caught on fire. She woke to a phone that had completely melted, glass, plastic, and all. Scary? There's more!


When Ariel Tolfree's family contacted Samsung about her burnt up Galaxy S4, they reportedly told her rechargeable battery danger warnings are on their website for this very reason.

This isn't the first time a kid has gotten burnt by an overheating cellphone, but it's particularly scary because Ariel was asleep. If she hadn't woken from the heat, who knows what could have happened?

Maybe this is a sign for those parents who are loathe to step in and set some limits on cellphone use? Your kids really need to take some time away from their gadgets, and not simply because of the fire hazard!

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Researchers already indicate it's dangerous to sleep with your cellphone, in part because kids lose sleep because of the temptation to text and chat with their friends but also because of the radiation that leaks out of the phone. One study published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium claims taking a cellphone to bed can actually cause you to take longer to reach the deep sleep stage necessary for the body to repair itself. On top of that, the study says you spend less time in that stage if the cellphone is in bed with you.

Granted, some kids use their phones as alarm clocks, so taking them away entirely isn't possible. But they should at least keep the phone out of the bed (so no sticking it under the pillow like Ariel), and the phone should be set in airplane mode so texts and calls don't interfere with their important sleep.

Asking them to separate from their phone for a whole eight hours may earn you an eye roll and a door slam, but hey, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Do your kids sleep with their cellphones? Will you let that happen after reading this?


Image via © Tetra Images/Corbis

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