Dad's 'Rules for Dating My Daughter' Are the First to Get It Right (PHOTO)​

dadWe've all seen the images, applications, and shirts that depict the "rules" (or mere thoughts) dads have for boys who want to date their teenage daughters. For the most part, they're funny and meant as a joke (well, kind of), but they're often cliche, a little random, and all about the dad. But one father recently posted a photo of his rules for dating his daughter on Facebook, and the sentiments couldn't be more sweet or original.

Check out this "feminist father's" fantastic shirt that's, yes, gone viral.

feminist father

Love it. When it comes to the subject of their teenage daughters starting to date, so often dads, and moms, have rules that are more scare tactics and geared toward what they want, as opposed to what their daughters want. Of course, as parents, it's our job to ensure our kids are safe and well-guided, but it's important to keep in mind that they certainly have a say when it comes to sex and dating since, like the shirt says, it's their bodies. Sure, it's a little bit about our wishes for our kids, because we obviously want the best for them, but also -- it's a lot about theirs.

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Hopefully, this awesome set of "rules" will inspire other parents to have a similar mindset and remember that it's not all about them when it comes to their sweet daughters dating. Of course, nothing is more important than keeping our children safe, but keeping in mind that our daughters are people too can go a long way.

What do you think of this shirt compared to the other "rules for dating my daughter" shirts out there?


Image via © Reality Check/Facebook

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nonmember avatar Sarah

That. Is. Too. Perfect. I understand that dad's want to protect their daughters, but in the end it's her life and, most importantly, HER body.

I know a lot of dads just want to protect their daughters, but part of me feels this might be ingrained in society, going back to when daughters WERE a father's property, and her virginity was worth more than anything else. Things have changed, but I think some people still have that mindset, even if they don't realize it.

Kattey Kattey

^^^^ Ditto

Happy... Happydad73

Great. Your 15 yr old daughter is mature enough to decide to sleep with some guy. Or guys. Or to get a tattoo. Or a body modification. After all, its her body, her rules right? How about as long as you live in my house, under my protection and provision, my rules apply. Don't like it? There is the door and best of luck to you. This dad is trying to be hip and cool instead of making the very hard and unpopular choices by being a dad. Parents are not suppose to be their child's friend. They are suppose to be parents and help their children make wise and responsible choices so when said child grows up they know how to make good choices because they were taught how by a parent, not a maternal or paternal 'friend'.

nonmember avatar Rae

What Happyday73 said!!!!

Charl... Charlyla2

Happydad, I see where you are coming from but the point of raising kids is to teach them to think for themselves and become responsible for their actions. When my daughter is old enough to date she will be told what I expect of her behavior because of her age. But I will teach her until then that her body is hers and no one is allowed to touch it without her consent. Hopefully it sticks. This shirt is interesting but it goes too far in the other direction.

nonmember avatar Daughter12

@Happydad73 I'm sorry but your daughter is probably sleeping around and you don't even know it. I love how parents like you act as if you wouldn't care if your kids actually decided to take you up on that"then there's door" foolishness. You took this out of context and are trying to act like the strict and perfect parent when you sound like a frickin dictator. You may be a happy dad but I'm not sure if you have happy children and not because your not letting her do what she wants with her body but because you sound like idiot who feels the need to be hard all the time and someone who would probably brag about beating their childs butt.

navyw... navywife0204

Daughter12 sound like Happydad73 is her father...


Teri Emery Webb

I agree with the "her body, her choice" thing. BUT on the other hand that would only apply AFTER she turns 16 because then she is legal to make her own choices for MOST things. But my rules would still apply. Also the parents of boys need to teach their sons respect so when the question/situation comes up then BOTH parties are responsible neough to make them. Happydad73 you are correct in some things but  the whole "don't like it? There is the door " philoso[hy will only go so far. What would you do if they walk out? THink about things before you act. It will save a lot of heartache. 

Bunhash Bunhash

Well, my parents were like happydad. And my mom was a terrible role model, but we respected our parents and their wishes because they greatly card for us and it showed. I'm glad mom didn't say, go on, it's your body, go screw whoever at whatever age on your terms honey, it's okay I'm proud of you no matter what kind of slut you are! Thank God she loved me enough and had the real life experience in which to guide my adolescent brain when all it did was think about what feels good this moment. Not what is best for me.

I have children and those saying this is just fine or harassing the caring parents like happydad are probably just self absorbed, terrible parents whose children will all turn out like little sluts. But oh right, that's okay now, it's her body so it's okay if she is pregnant at 14 or has an std. You teach your children true self respect if you love them and responsibility, don't toss in the towel and say, oh well it will happen anyway! Might as well justify it!

nonmember avatar daughter12

@Bunhash another idiot taking things out of context. Also so your basically saying parents who teach their child to take responsibility of their body don't love their kids and are bad parents and have sluttly children. Wow. How about your children will grow up thinking that it is okay to call other kids sluts and believe that other kids parents are bad parents because they don't parent they way you do. Also, the people going against people like happydad and you aren't saying let them do what they want to their body but let them know that they need to take responsibilty of their body and should know that nobody has the right to force or pressure you into letting them touch or do things your not comfortable with. Also, a daughter should know her body is her body and ALSO have self respect. If your daughter knows self respect then you should be able to tell her that her body is her body without her going and sleeping around. Good luck when your daughter turns into a teenager because you seem to have everything planned out so let's see if it easy as you think to go through this body phase with your daughter.

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