Must-See: Girl Looks Exactly Like Elsa From 'Frozen' (PHOTOS)

anna faith carlsonSome people have a celebrity doppelganger. Anna Faith Carlson has an animated one. The 18-year-old from Daytona Beach, Florida looks pretty much exactly like Elsa from the ridiculously popular Disney movie, Frozen. And it's totally coming in handy with helping the aspiring actress make a name for herself!

She first started getting attention for posting a pic on Instagram of herself, side-by-side with an Elsa cut-out at the local mall. And then she actually made herself over to look even more like the character ... Check it out:


No wonder she became an overnight sensation with tons of new followers! Recently Anna took her prom dress, turned it into an Elsa costume, and started making appearances at kids' birthday parties, hospitals, and elementary schools dressed up as the beloved Snow Queen. So sweet!

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Of her experience so far, she told WOFL Fox 35:

[The kids] can't afford to go to Disney so they're just overwhelmed with joy, and that's what we live for. We love seeing their faces. You know, ‘Whoa! Is that really them?’ Like, it’s so sweet.

Amazing! Really, there's nothing that some of these children want more than to "meet Elsa"! And Anna's using her "secret power" and resemblance to turn a wild fantasy into a reality for children. Generous, big-hearted, and inspiring! And there's no doubt this rewarding experience will set Anna up for well-deserved success down the road.

What do you think about the way Anna is using her resemblance to Elsa?


Images via AnnaFaithxoxo/Instagram

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SoJaided SoJaided

She looks like Elsa in that ONE close up picture you show on here when they're side by side, but that's it. I've seen quite a few other pictures and honestly she really doesn't look anything like her.

Jozemom Jozemom

Even if she's not a dead ringer (which would be impossible, considering Elsa is an animated character with facial features that defy nature) the kids believe she's the real thing, and that's all that matters. She didn't have reconstructive surgery to look like Elsa (a la the human Barbie) she's just using her natural resemblance to bring happiness to kids.  I think what she's doing is great. 

When I was in College I  used to volunteer for a kids day at the park in a low income area of town. My job was to promote the local library by doing story time. I always came dressed as a Disney character and it was absolutely wonderful to see the joy on the kids faces when they honestly thought they were meeting a real Disney princess. 

nonmember avatar Jessnhis

This girl has huge fake boobs and has built a career on sexy online photos.

Melissa Larbig

Who cares what she has done in the past. She is helping sick kids, and making kids happy. They don't know about those photos, they don't care about those photos and neither should anyone else! It doesn't take away from the good she is doing. I don't think she looks EXACTLY like her, but seeing her and her sister dressed up was pretty cool. If she lightened her hair a bit it might help. I get so annoyed that everytime I see a positive and heart warming story people always have to be negative about it. It's pretty sad.

Gamer... Gamer_mom1

Who the hell cares about her boobs and photos? How is that relevant? Stop being so insecure in yourself.

Kimberley Cremeans

I hate that there always have to be negative, disheartening comments on uplifting positive stories. So she doesn't look EXACTLY like Elsa (FFS an ANIMATED character) who the F cares? The insecure jealous women who always have to find negatives in positives, disgusting. The kids love it (which whom is who she's trying to impress, and does) parents get a kick seeing the joy in heir kids' faces and she doesn't charge for hospital visits or other like situations. It's more for the happiness, so let it be! Right on Anna!!!

mummy... mummyoftwins92

Doesn't really look like her but if kids love it that's all that matters! Now she just needs someone to look like Anna then someone dress as the snowman and they will be set :)

nonmember avatar countrygirl21k

i guess i dont see the resemblence but glad shes helping lil kids.....

lovem... lovemykids16

How can anyone say she doesn't really look like her?? She looks as much like Elsa as any human can look like a cartoon character and what she's doing is great.

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