Girl's Revenge on School for Not Letting Her Wear Shorts Goes Viral (VIDEO)

lindsey stockerA teen in Quebec, Canada has come out swinging against her high school administrators, who she says shame female students for their bodies with their dress code. Lindsey Stocker says Beaconsfield High School officials publicly humiliated her when they came into her classroom and said she had to change because her shorts were not long enough. Students were reportedly told to stand up with their arms at their sides and see if their shorts reached their fingertips, and they then told Stocker -- in front of her peers and teacher -- that she had to change. As Stocker explained to The National Post, "When I said no, they said I was making a bad choice. They kept shaking their heads. In front of everybody.”

After the incident, Stocker posted fliers around her school. Check it out:

Good for her! Unfortunately, Stocker’s fliers were promptly taken down, according to CBC News. She was also soon suspended for one day for a variety of infractions, school board chairperson Suzanne Stein Day said. But I'd argue that her parents should still be proud of their daughter for standing up for herself and calling out her school for mishandling her particular situation and the dress code in general.

Although we all want our kids to learn to adhere to certain codes of conduct and respect guidelines, they also need to know that there's such a thing as a bogus rule. Rules that are made to be broken, because they're unfair or enforced in an unjust, hurtful way. What's more, we need to teach our kids to stick up for themselves when the situation calls for it. Even if that means going against what they're told is correct.

Ultimately, Stocker has every right to voice her concern with the way her school is handling their dress code enforcement. And while they may not agree, she's setting a fantastic example for her peers, who should never have to stand for being shamed.

How have you taught your teen to stand up for herself?


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Mark Cox you like teens standing up for themselves?

nonmember avatar Sarah

When I was in high school 15 years ago this was the norm. It isn't about teaching boys to not think of girls as sex objects!!! It should be about teaching our daughters to respect their body and leave something to the imagination! This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! If it's a rule...then it's a rule!! I know girls who were "called out" on the length of their shorts and it didn't traumatize them one bit! People need to stop allowing kids to think they should get away with stuff because "everybody else is doing it" Parents should teach their kids not to do things simply because it is against the rules.

JS0512 JS0512

Telling a student they have to comply with a dress code isn't humiliating them.  If you know what the dress code is, then dress accordingly.  One of her arguments was that it was hot outside.  While that may be true, it didn't stop her from wearing a bulky poncho (seen in photo of article linked).  While I an agree with teaching your children that some rules are unfair & you can question certain things & try and fight them, this one is a waste of time and I'd be upset with my daughter (13) if she did this over shorts.  You said "Rules that are made to be broken, because they're unfair or enforced in an unjust, hurtful way." a dress code prohibiting short shorts isn't unfair or hurtful.  She's upset because she was asked to do something, she said "no" and then didn't get her way.  I can't believe shit like this gets press.  We are raising quite the spoiled lot of children.

nonmember avatar Ayla Dawn

It would be great if the teen knew how to follow the rules. Maybe the girls shouldn't dress like hookers if they want people to respect them. I'm so sick of hearing how boys treat girls like sexual objects yet the girls run around with their rear-ends hanging out and looking like a prostitute. If a child dresses in all black, the call it goth. When they wear boots and hats its called country. And when the shorts are too short, they are called hoes. These girls need to start thinking about the image they project rather than expect everyone else to change their ideals. My son would never bring home a girl dressed like that because he knows that girls dress like that are just looking for attention, from anyone. Get some self respect and longer shorts

swtga... swtgapeach8806

The girl sounds like a brat. The school has rules she knew about when she started going there. It doesn't sound like she was humiliated at all but rather had authority figures tell her what to do and she didn't like it. Yes, men tend to sexualize females but there is absolutely no reason to wear short shorts to school. You're there to learn, not attract attention and flirt.

fave82 fave82

Agree with everything js0512 said.

swtga... swtgapeach8806

Oh, and making your shorts shorter than the rules is NOT gonna make her any cooler than having shorts on that meet the length requirements. Plus, shes inside in a cooled building for 85% of the school day. Her argument is invalid.

nonmember avatar S

Good for her! If I was her parent, I'd be very proud of her and find the suspension 100% worth it.

Now would I let me daughter out of the house wearing that small of shorts? It's not something a parent can really control, I know I did on days there wasn't school and my mom was at work during the summer. Did she need to wear shorts that small in a school with no doubt air conditioning? Absolutely not.

While it may not have been a valid argument, and I'm sure other girls would've just changed- it's not wrong of her to be upset. The U.S. is a really bad place for women in general, as we are taught to see any nudity (partial or otherwise) as sexual. That is something that unfortunately will never change.

nonmember avatar S

But yes- I agree with some of the other comments as well. (Sorry for the double post!) I knew tons of girls in school that got in trouble for dress code violations, be it tank tops or shorts and never once did they throw a fit about it.

It seems she was trying to make more of a movement for women in this case and wanted an excuse to not get in trouble, but she shouldn't have worn shorts that short to school.

I wasn't in high school too long ago, and I never would've dressed like this in school. I respected my teachers and was too nervous about my personal appearance to wear something tiny to school.

Angela Kennedy

Is it a bogus rule if at work they tell you to adhere to a certain dress code? I think not! You wear your uniform at work and adhere to the dress code. When you go home you change into whatever you wish to wear. School is our children's "job." It teaches them to not only learn to read write and do arithmatic, but to be prepared for life after school. That means being on time, prepared, and to follow rules at work.  She knew the dress code. I am sure when she got dressed that morning, she knew she was in violation. Just one more instance of a teen acting out and thinking they don't have to listen to rules. Do I think she should never wear those short shorts? No. Wear them after school and on weekends.

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