If You're Not Grounding Your Kids Like This Mom, You're Doing It Wrong

grounded letterMoms, it's time we start thinking outside of the box when it comes to grounding our kids. Sending them up to their rooms, particularly when they've got iEverything in there, doesn't seem to be very effective. And the whole shaming them and making them wear some sort of sign in public trend? Just plain mean. So, what are we to do?

Make grounding work for us!

After she grounded her three kids for being late to school, a mom named Lynette came up with the genius idea of creating a points-system for her children if they wanted to get "ungrounded." If Ashley, Ryan, and Adam wanted their freedom back, they needed to earn 500 points (each), which is done via various chores.

Check out the clever chart Lynette devised:

grounded letter

Great idea, right? Instead of being stuck in the house with your brooding, moping teen, you get a clean house, a hot meal, and a note ... just because. Lynette wrote on her blog that her plan is going off like gangbusters:

This worked out better than I could have ever imagined! My oldest son got right to work and earned his 500 points in one day. The other two are getting closer and working hard too! We had a nice dinner last night prepared by my son. I found super nice letters on my pillow last night, and my house is looking SO much better! 

Noted. Great way to teach your kids a lesson ... and even better way to get a sparkly-shiny home (and a yummy dinner!) without lifting a finger. Hat tip to you, Lynette.

What grounding techniques have you used on your kids?


Image via Lynette's New Hobby



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arlis... arliss123

This is brilliant. My oldest is only four, but I'll be keeping this in mind for the teenage years.


the4m... the4mutts

This. Is. GENIUS. I am stealing it right now.

nonmember avatar Sarah

I kind of hope one kid does 50 letters to relatives, just to confuse the heck out of the extended family.

But seriously, it is a brilliant idea. And (as some will certainly say) it is not showing them they can get away with things... it's showing them they can mess up, but make up for it. Plus, it gives parents a break from both chores AND whining!

Fondue Fondue

Cleaning and washing off the table gets 25 points, but sweeping and mopping the great room only gets 15? Pfft, forget the great room--I'm optin for the table.

kisse... kisses5050

those points are a bit a screwy... but an ok plan

nonmember avatar Jenn

I would create my own list for obvious reasons, but this idea is GENIUS! I find it a truly creative way to show your kids that actions have consequences, and mistakes have lessons.

nonmember avatar mommyof2girls

This is GREAT! punishments for me as a kid weren't exactly punishments and didn't work at all. My oldest is 4 and I will absolutely use this idea when she is older :)

Mae Clark

I am so adopting this method. Best method of grounding I have ever seen.

nonmember avatar lauren

I LOVE this! I am definitely using this at home.

nonmember avatar Dawn

I love this and think it's great however, what do you do when no one is grounded? Who's cleaning and cooking then? Mom? No way! I need a way to better engage the teenagers in daily chores for the sake of learning and taking responsibility. Some chores earn $ while others are part of just living home and having food, shelter, cable, and wifi.

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