14 Really Wrong Graduation Cakes (PHOTOS)

funny graduation cakeGraduation season is right around the corner. As the high school and college seniors are wrapping up their studies and getting ready for their next adventures, parents are gearing up for one night: the graduation party.

Sending out the invites, checking the guest list, and ordering food, music, and entertainment are all top of mind. But the centerpiece of the party, aside from the actual grad, of course, is the cake. It's a way to perfectly symbolize the past few years of school and shows the grad just how proud everyone is.

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But these cakes are not them. Instead, they're misspelled, underwhelming, and completely inappropriate. So in honor of our 2014 graduates, here are 14 of the funniest and most cringe-worthy graduation cakes.

Have you ordered a cake for your grad's party? What will it say?

Image via ulianne/Flickr

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Austi... Austinsmommy12

Bahahahaha I want sprinkles! Omg. I like the "escape" one too lol. Poor cake recipients. Especially Linda with her PhD.

nonmember avatar Karri

I love the nurse one, regardless of the "urine samples" -- it's just icing and a label.

nonmember avatar Sarah

The 'cat and gown' one is hysterical, oh my gosh! I laughed so hard.

Also, regardless of the fact that the 'urine samples' is just icing and a label, many people prefer not to be reminded of urine while eating. Try and tell a gross story next time everyone's enjoying some cake.

Bridg... Bridget1981

I love the nurse one!!  I think that that one actually showed quite a bit of thought and effort.


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