'Breaking Bad' Star Helps Take Teen's Prom Proposal Over the Top (VIDEO)

promposalsThe end of the school year is quickly approaching, and we all know what that means! No, it's not the promise of summer, or graduation for some, but the event most high schoolers eagerly await: the prom.

But finding a date, and actually asking them, are events in their own right. 'Promposals,' as they've been so appropriately dubbed, are taking over. From celebrities to puppies to fast food, teens are literally using anything and anyone to outdo each other and snag a date to prom.

The latest viral promposal? A proposition from Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White. Clearly, the girl can't refuse:


How amazing was that?! Granted, it's a little scary if you're solely looking at the Breaking Bad connection, but that's so incredibly awesome!

High schoolers are getting so creative in how they get dates to prom. What happened to just stopping by someone's locker on the way to algebra class and muttering, "Eh, prom?" Well, maybe that was never a thing, but I definitely didn't see any of these promposals go down when I went to prom five years ago!

Check out some of the other amazing promposals:

1. A fake college rejection letter. The letter states that the girl has been rejected from her top college, but her admission will be reinstated if she goes to prom with her boyfriend. Risky move there buddy, but she said yes!

2. An entire choreographed music video titled, "Talk Prom to Me." He recruited his two friends and re-created a music video entirely in the style of Jason Derulo. Very impressive, but we could do without the shirtless shots, please!

3. Giving a girl "flours." Simple but completely amazing. And who wouldn't love to get a date to prom and have 20 pounds of flour?

4. Getting him fake arrested. What's with all of these fake-out promposals? Is no one worried about giving their potential date a heart attack? One teen had her date pulled over and arrested by real cops before she jumped out of the car and asked him.

5. Another choreographed dance performance. But this time, in front of an entire classroom. And to the Backstreet Boys.

6. WITH A PUPPY! I can't imagine coming home and explaining to my parents that I have both a prom date and a puppy. But for that adorable face, I'd be willing to try.

7. Or with donuts. Nothing says "please go to prom with me" like a 12-pack of Dunkin's finest. And honestly, I'd have a hard time rejecting a person who got me some delicious crullers.

8. Fake giving birth. Especially if done by a gentleman. Naturally, you were born to go to prom with this date.

Did you go to prom? How did you ask your date/get asked?


Image via basheertome/Flickr

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