Dad Photobombs Daughter's Prom Picture -- Uh-Oh, Her Date Should Run! (PHOTO)

teen boy putting corsage on date's wristIf you ever wondered how a father really feels when he's faced with his "little girl" going off to her prom, look no further than an insanely viral photo making its way around the web. Taken by Jeri Dickey, whose son bravely opted to take former Auburn University head football coach Gene Chizik's daughter to prom, the pic has taken off like wildfire. It's easy to understand why: Chizik perfectly nails the timeless tough, overprotective dad stereotype we can't help but get an eye-rolling kick out of.

Really, you just have to see Chizik's face as he glares at his daughter's date.

Check out Dickey's initial tweet:


See, what'd I tell ya? Priceless! Whether you've been the daughter of a dad like Chizik or a parent in Chizik's shoes, you can't help but smirk and shake your head upon seeing this. The pure, unbridled contempt!

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Ah, well. Sooner or later, this suspicious pops will have to accept his little girl is all grown-up. In the meantime, anyone who dares ask her out better gird himself for the death stare to end all death stares!

What's the most hilarious reaction your dad ever had to you dating? Or that your husband had to your daughter going out?


Image via Varin Tsai/Flickr

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nonmember avatar sarah

my father is a redneck so he was always cleaning his 30-06 rifle when mine would come around..worked good

worki... workingmama86

I actually find it cute, in a way. 

nonmember avatar chris

My dad is also a redneck.. I once got picked up & he was cleaning his gun collection.. the date found it 'hilarious' that my dad was trying to intimidate him.. fast forward a month after he showed violent tendencies & was informed to stay away from me yet still came over & was run off by shots in the air. Wasnt intimidation buddy it was a warning.

kisse... kisses5050

once my dad threw my date the keys to his brand new 45,000 dollar car ( it was the 80's) My date said "You would trust me with your car sir?" my dad said "Why not I am trusting you with my daughter both better come back un-marked"

julie... julie21210

Kisses I absolutely love that .. So true

abra819 abra819

try that with my son.....dare ya

Austi... Austinsmommy12

TOTALLY unintentional here, but dad told any guy who picked me up that if they didn't come to the door and properly introduce themselves I wasn't leaving with them. Likewise, if they blew the horn from the driveway, it would get blown off. I came home from a date one night and dad was seriously cleaning his over/under double barreled shotgun. I almost busted out laughing when I realized my date had taken one step in the house and three back out into the porch. He took the horn threat seriously apparently, and thought dad was cleaning it just for him. A couple of months later, and I wished my dad HAD been cleaning it for him. What an a$$hole he turned out to be! Still laugh over the look on the dude's face though. Priceless.

Amanda Mirambell-Grice

Oh, Abra, come off it. Dads are protective, as they well should be. Unless your son is a total jackass and abusive, you and him should have nothing to worry about.

the4m... the4mutts

We plan on playing "Good cop, bad cop" when our kids are old enough to date. I get to be good cop, since I have to spend their early childhood being bad cop. (My husband and my ex are both diciplinarians, but Im the main one)

So Daddy and Big Daddy Brandon get to issue the threats, and I get to tell them to be nice before the poor boy/girl pees themselves haha

We have a routine all worked out too. Brandon will yell "Catch!" right before they walk out the door. And he will throw one of my 12gauge shells at the kid. Followed by "It moves a lot faster after 10pm"

Then I say "oh be nice, dont make the kid pee themselves." And then nicely say "But he's not really joking. Just be on time, make good decisions, and you'll be fine"

Then close the door in their face haha

nonmember avatar Van Morris

My Father In Law used to shoot at me when my wife and I dated as teens. Wax hurts more than rat shot, FYI.

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