Paul Walker's Mom Gives His Daughter's Mother the Deal of a Lifetime

Paul WalkerActor Paul Walker's daughter Meadow Walker has not had it easy these past few months. First her father dies, then the teen finds out she'll have to uproot and go live with grandma if she wants her giant inheritance, throwing her right in the middle of an epic custody war. But it looks like cooler heads are prevailing. Finally!

Cheryl Walker, Paul's mom, may have gotten custody of her granddaughter in the Fast and Furious star's will, but the girl's mom, Rebecca Soteros, may not be losing her child after all.

According to TMZ, Cheryl is willing to completely ignore the stipulations of her son's will ... if Soteros -- who has been arrested for DUI several times -- agrees to complete rehab.

Sounds pretty fair, don't you think? Kids need solid, stable parents, and a mom who gets in a car after drinking clearly is neither.

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More to the point, kids need parents. Sure, many grandparents in this country are doing a wonderful job of raising their grandkids because of various circumstances, but I think most of them would say they'd prefer their kids actually be there for their own kids because, well, that's what being a parent is all about. With one parent gone, Meadow is already having it rough. Not having either parent in her life is an emotional rollercoaster that is best avoided -- if at all possible.

Kudos to Grandma here. Rather than putting her own selfish desire to spend time with Meadow ahead of the child's own needs, she's being a truly loving grandparent. She's giving her granddaughter the best gift of all -- real support and unconditional love.

Now let's hope Soteros can put her daughter's needs ahead of her own selfish desires to drink. She has the very best reason to get treatment and actually kick butt in rehab -- her child.

What do you make of Cheryl ignoring Paul's will stipulation? Would you be mad if your parent ignored what you put in your will?


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SRTmo... SRTmom6127

I think Grandma rocks! She has a level head and she's not just saying F it she's making a stipulation of rehab, which is good for all parties involved. First Meadow knows that Grandma is concerned about her and her mom, second the poor girl who just lost her dad won't be dragged in and out of court for custody hearings, and third she'll have her mom.

If Meadow's mom does it right and Grandma continues to be a watchful eye Meadow will get through this with all the love she deserves.   

youth... youthfulsoul

I disagree. If Paul thought the mom would be a better choice, he would have picked her. Clearly he knows his ex better than the grandma does.

sassy... sassykat122

A few things... Meadows life wouldn't be uprooted as she has been living in l.a. for 3 years already, check your facts jeanne. That said, YOUTHFULSOUL, Paul had his wishes but courts will move heaven and earth to keep kids with their parents and if Brooke Mueller can get her kids back then so could this mom. I'm glad,however, grandma has decided on those terms since the girl has already had tragedy in her life. She needs stability and unity.

Frost... FrostyMelted

Jeanne - Slavery ended a century ago. People are no longer property; therefore, you can not leave children to anyone in your will. Jesus, you people need to learn some basic facts.

zandh... zandhmom2

FrostyMelted - this has nothing to do with slavery. If one parent has full custody of a child and that parent dies, they have every right to assign someone as that child caretaker.

Frost... FrostyMelted

@zandhmom2 - Except his ex wife didn't lose her parental rights which means custody automatically reverts to her upon his death. His will can not strip her of her parental rights only a court can. This is why his mother had to threaten to sue for custody. His will is completely worthless other than expressing his wishes in the event his mother sued for custody. Facts are facts.

nonmember avatar #notafan

wellll, if dad wasn't letting a speed junkie drive him that day, this wouldn't be an issue. bottom line is who is best to care for this teen, her alcoholic mom or her grammy? grammy can say whatever she feels, but the welfare of this kid will be left up to the courts. if her mom can stay sober, excellent, but sobriety is life long, so the pressure will be on her mom to beat her demons and that is not something a teen needs to go thru. no matter how much folks may think it's all warm and fuzzy to have parents with their kids. it can cause more harm than good, so hopefully all will turn out ok for her and the good thing is she'll be in college in 3 yrs so maybe?

sandl... sandlinmix6

Just because you complete rehab does not mean you won't go back to your own old ways. Mistake.

nonmember avatar me

You cant assign custody in the will. Courts decide who gets custody. If she had her rights terminated then he can assign a guardian but it would still be up to a judge to decide who is the best choice. I hope everything works out for them but like it was said. A will is only a wishlist you woukd like to happen. Anyone can contest it, in which case it'll go to courts

Alicia Sams

@Frostymelted. Paul NEVER had a wife. He was never married...ever.Meadow was living with Grandma Walker the last 3 months before Paul passed on. Paul had custody. Was working too much and asked his Mom to help out. Meadows mom was still living in Hawaii when he passed away. She only recently moved into the Walker home after Pauls passing. Meadow had been living with her father for the last 3 yrs. Obviously the mother isn't the best choice with her dui's. Since $ is involved I am sure she is willing to finally go and get help. Amazing. I hope Paul is at peace and not rolling over in his grave watching all this unfold. Would be nice if you writers would check your story's authenticity before you publish trash.

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