Teacher Threatens Students With ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers if They Don't Behave

tyrion lannisterShould this guy win a Teacher of the Year Award? Apparently a math teacher in Belgium was getting so fed up with his rowdy math class, he didn't threaten them with detention, after school work, extra homework, starvation, taking away their iPhones, whatever it takes to get teens to pay attention these days. Nope, he threatened them with Game of Thrones season 4 spoilers!

That's right, apparently after they kept interrupting his lesson, he asked which of the students watch the insanely popular HBO show. About three-quarters of them did.

"Well, I've read all the books," the teacher replied. "If there's too much noise, I will write the names of the dead on the board. They are enough to fill the whole year and I can even describe how they die."

Tyrion Lannister would be proud. I'm sure he's raising his wine glass to this educator right now -- that is, if he doesn't die in season 4!


Reportedly, the students tried to see if he really knew what he was talking about. He did and then wrote the names of everyone who was murdered through the third season, "for those who [had] not seen it."

Jeez, can you imagine having the Red Wedding spoiled for you in your math class??

Apparently, one student described that the rest of the lesson was taught in "a religious silence." Awesome.

Who knows if this is true or not, but hey, a teacher's gotta do what a teacher's gotta do. There are so many more upcoming deaths in season 4 (I've read the books) that spoiling them in that way would have definitely frightened me into silence. And of course who would want to be that one rowdy student who spoils the show for everyone else?

Some parents may be up in arms about priorities of kids these days and how this threat over a television show is in no way a solid method to show them how to place any sort of priority on their education, but hey, it worked, and the teacher was able to complete his lesson. It's great to think he even had the instinct to know that his students would be that obsessed with the show -- let alone knowing who all will most likely kick the bucket in the upcoming season after reading the books!

Though this teacher may have to figure out something else to do when the new season premieres on April 6. Hopefully the kids won't pick up the books for themselves too. Either way, you gotta give kudos to a quick-thinking teacher who is willing to pull out all the stops to get his students to shut up and pay attention!

What do you think of this form of discipline? Brilliant or a terrible example of how low teachers have to go to get studnets to pay attention?


Image via HBO

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