Most Kids Masturbate


monkeyMasturbating kids. There, I've put it out there, so now we can all put our embarrassment out of the way and talk. If the subject is still just a little too taboo for you to share about, at least read about it--a really frank childhood masturbation post on is pretty shameless.

"Childhood masturbation is as natural as it is embarrassing," says the writer. And she's right. It's something that can start in infancy and go up to about age 6 or 7 (eek!)--but until then, most children seem to do it unconsciously and without much concern for what anyone thinks.

Great, the kids are unfazed, and we, on the other hand, are totally freaked out. Got, um, any "touchy-feely" kid episodes to share?


Does your young child masturbate?

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Mommy... MommyKelley04

Interesting post, lol.  My kids are too young, but I know I started at a pretty young age.

katzm... katzmeow726

  My kdis aren't here yet, but its not an unknown or bad thing.  In fact its a perfectly normal part of development.  ITs a type of self soothing for them.  They don't know whats behind it, and don't orgasm.  In some cases they don't even realize they are doing it!  If you catch them doing it in a public area or in front of your or your spouse, you can correct where they do the behavior, but don't discourage it.  They'll feel embarassed if you do.

Manth Manth

I wasn't really shocked when I caught my kids masturbating.  I remember doing it as a kid, too, just as a way to explore my body and what it could do.  I just taught my kids that this is a private thing, and should be done when you're alone rather than in public. I didn't see any need to make them ashamed of it.

MAyers MAyers

My children are 2 and 1 so I'm sure they dont.

Aniyu... Aniyunwiya

i'm not competely sure where i read this, but i did read children can start masterbuting at around 6 months old, the youngest i personally knew of was 5 though.

Xynyth Xynyth

my DD plays with herself every chance she gets aka every time I get her diaper off. She's nearly 2 but has been doing it since she learned how to reach down there. It doesn't bother me at all but it freaks my husband out a bit.

sweet... sweetashyb

My two year old son is always playing with himself. We just keep reminding him that while its not a bad thing, he needs to only do it at home and in private because not everybody wants to see it. It doesn't bother hubby. Our six month old daughter has recently figured out that there's something down there, and while she's not really doing anything yet, it really freaks hubby out. Can you say double standard?  lol

katfr... katfranz111

My 3 year old boys touch themselves until basically you have to tie their hands behind their backs. My 1 year old is starting to touch herself...but eh happends.

lish2127 lish2127

my 3 yo son has always been super sensitive about his parts. I can hardly get him to stop squirming when i clean him. He hates touching it himself, but I can see him getting curious in a couple years

Star76 Star76

When my son was about two my dh set him in the rocking chair after his bath and went to get him some pjs.  As I was trying to find some underwear for him I over hear my husband say "That's what happens when you play with it all the time!"  And he is barley holding back side splitting laughter.  Dh then comes to tell me that he walked into the living room to find our son staring at his erect penis and looks up at dh with a horrified look.  I nearly peed my pants laughing. 

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