College Freshman Who Pays Her Tuition By Starring in Adult Films Is Class Act

xxxIt's pretty safe to say that no parent wants their daughter to do porn. And when we hear of a young person who has fallen into that world, we can't help but assume there are a tragic set of circumstances that led her there. But what if it were the choice of a smart, rational, ambitious college student? I am specifically referring to the Duke University student who has been mercilessly harassed since classmates found out that she moonlights as an adult movie star. The reason?

A pretty noble one, if you ask me. She does it to pay for college. Broken down, that's $45,620 for tuition and fees, $6,354 for housing, $5,850 for board, and another $3,580 for books and personal expenses. That's a lot of money and a hard bill to foot for students who don't have wealthy parents.

Yes, she could take out loans like so many of us did. But she has found a legal means to pay for it. And while it may shock and disgust others, she is okay with it. So I have to ask, why aren't we?

She only came forward to defend herself against the cruel taunts and bullying she has been experiencing since a fellow student spotted her in a video he was watching and blabbed. Among the awful tweets she has received, people have threatened to throw garbage at her and kick her in the face. She went to the police but she says they were doubtful and insensitive. Her last resort was to write a poignant personal essay on entitled, "I'm the Duke University Freshman Porn Star and for the First Time I'm Finally Revealing My Name."

Going by Belle Knox in adult movies, the coed admits to having sex on film for money and, more notably, that she's not ashamed of it. "I hate when people say I'm not entitled to my privacy because I do porn. I'm a human being. ... You don't get to treat me badly just because I do something you don't agree with," she wrote.

She doesn't want to let those bullies win. My only hope is that this makes them feel ashamed for the way they have treated her. That said, I am not holding my breath. While these students can watch porn, they feel entitled to pass judgment on this young girl. Not only that, they feel justified in hurting her. It's wrong on so many levels.

As much as I would HATE for my child to make this choice, this young woman is doing it to help create a better future for herself. It's not prostitution. It's not illegal. It's an informed choice on her part. Why should she be bullied and shamed for it? That is not an effective way to reach anyone. If she’s willing to live with that decision, so too should we.

Do you have a problem with the way this student is making money to pay for school?


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Jaghd810 Jaghd810

The women giving her a hard time are jealous their boyfriends watch her porn and fantasize about her while masturbating and having sex with their prude, uptight girlfriends who probably only perform 3 sexual positions. The men giving a hard time are pissed they're dating a prude girlfriend and want to have some dirty, fulfilling sex with her. None of them will ever admit those truths, however I'm sure they will spout some sort of moral justification. Even though what secretly turns them on sexually is probably more demeaning than anything that woman performed for the cameras. People are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to sex. No wonder so many people cheat on their significant others. There are no rules for "socially acceptable sexual positions/acts."  If you want to be spanked and told to get on your knees and suck that cock, so what?  If you want to tie that man down and jerk him off until he cums before he wants to, do it. As long as both, or all, people know what's going on beforehand and agree to perform and their is mutual respect for boundaries, there is nothing "wrong, dirty or bad" about it. Be honest people!  No one is perfect and no one adheres to every sociable accepted norm. 

Rando... Randomlady

she will be one of the only students who graduates without a $50k debt, are they really in a position to insult and harrass this woman? sometimes just plainly, people suck. power to this woman.

nonmember avatar blue

I don't care what she does with her body. That doesn't mean, that I can't think she's a whore...and believe she will live to regret it. There is repercussions for actions. She might be better off financially, but she will have consequences for choosing to abuse and use her body like that. I'll take student loans and self respect. Sad she choose money over herself.

Paws84 Paws84

Hey at least she's making her own money and not suing her parents for money like the whore in New Jersey!

Og_gl... Og_gleaves

@blue you're right you do have the right to think she's a whore. But to go out of your way to harass her like her peers are doing is not okay or right. If this is what she wants then so be it, at least she doing it for schooling and not drugs or alcohol.

nonmember avatar Adie

It's ok to have an opinion about what is she is doing, but it is not ok to threaten her or harass her for doing it. I think that is clear to anyone with a brain. And Randomlady - it's more like graduating with over $125k in debt for a school like Duke.

Megan... MeganJune03

At least she is trying to pay her own way through college unlike the spoiled brat who is suing her parents....

Rando... Randomlady

Adie, with a price tag like that I can definitely understand where she got the idea from. Oi!
The only bad thing about this really is that it is easy money she is getting right now and it is hard to consider any other job after making so much for so little, that's why a lot of strippers don't quit their jobs.

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

Abuse and use her body???  How do you come to that conclusion?  Abuse?  No, our bodies are made to have sex. Use?  Is this any different than a model or even an athlete?  No, they both use their bodies. Quit being a prude. Sex isn't just for making babies. 

Laura Palmer

Except when she can't get a job as a professional with a degree because they found her videos.... so basically a catch 22 since she won't be able to use the degree she paid for with her slut dollars because she made poor decisions. 

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