5 Stages of Morning Wakeup Hell With a Teenager (GIFS)

sleepy teenGetting up in the morning when you aren't naturally a morning person can be rough. But, as adults who live in the world and have jobs and things, it comes with the territory. We get used to it. You know who isn't quite yet accustomed to the awful that it is getting up when your alarm clock goes off? Teenagers.

Who among us has not borne witness to the horrific experience that is waking up a teenager who has zero desire to get up and seize the proverbial day? Sure, they've got an alarm clock, and they are forever crowing about how they are adults, but all that is moot when the buzzer sounds. They are still expecting you to wake them, no matter how horrific that experience may be for all parties involved.


One thing we can all agree on when it comes to waking up teens: It's a process. It's also one hell of a roller-coaster. So here's hoping you've had your coffee before dealing with the kid who still isn't allowed to drink it under your roof. If ever you've had to go through the arduous process of getting a kid up and out the door, we think you'll recognize the 5 stages they go through when you tell them it's time to rise -- shining optional.

1. They Just Sleep Harder

It's funny, you never knew just how soothing you were when you screamed until you had a teenager who only fell deeper and deeper asleep the louder you got.

2. Totally Fool You Into Thinking They're Awake

It's a thing of supernatural splendor how they can make it sound like they've been awake and moving around for hours when really the odds are high that while they're saying, "I'm already up," what they mean is, "I am actually talking to you from a dream right now."

3. They Turn Into a Vicious Monster

So you thought you'd up the ante by removing their comforter, huh? Ha, ha. Oh man. Poooooor you.

4. They Act Like the World Is Ending

No matter how many times you go over it, they still think "7:00 a.m." is a mortal illness.

5. Hold a Grudge

They might be up, they might even be showered, they might even have eaten breakfast (shocking). But if you think they've forgiven you for your "cruelty," you've got another thing coming. Just wait until tomorrow morning comes ...

Do you have tricks for waking up your teen?

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