Dad Sees Kids Slip on Ice & Grabs His Camera Instead of Helping (VIDEO)

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caution falling on ice signAs much as we've griped, worried, and made fun of this winter, it's definitely shown us again and again how we're at Mother Nature's mercy! Especially when it comes to dangerous, slippery road and sidewalks. Yeesh, they're no joke, right? Well, apparently, they are to one Iowa father named Alan Andersen who is making headlines for sitting in his car and taking a video of kids coming out of school and taking turns accidentally slipping and falling on a patch of ice. What's more, his daughter was sitting next to him as he filmed the mean-spirited clip.

Check it out ...

So he claims he's "laughing with," not at these kids, but let's be honest: Is laughing at ALL what a responsible adult should have been doing? What if one of the kids had ended up taking such a bad spill that he or she actually suffered an injury? Would he have been laughing then? Furthermore, to know he was doing that in front of his child is pretty disconcerting. What's his daughter to think by watching Dad exploit these kids for giggles and, later, viral fame?

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Call me oversensitive or lacking a sense of humor (and to be fair, I've never been one for slapstick), but I feel like he definitely set a poor example by showing his daughter that it's okay to take a backseat and laugh at other people's pain. A mature adult, interested in doing what was right by his daughter and other people's kids, would have gotten out of the car and told kids to steer clear of the ice. But not this guy. He gleefully engaged in schadenfreude. And whether he intended to or not, he taught his daughter that it's okay to not only take a backseat when others are in potential danger, but laugh at their expense.

What's your reaction to what this dad did?


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Heather Lester

Oh lordy, I knew there'd be haters on this video.  What's he supposed to do?  His DAUGHTER is standing amongst her friends laughing and having a good time slipping around on the ice before she gets in the car.  Is he supposed to get out and help every single one of these kids that falls?  Just about every last one of the kids that fell can be seen laughing.  Only one seemed to be hurt and she had friends there with her to help her up (I'm assuming it was a her, there was a hoodie in the way).  Why can't people have a good chuckle at something funny without people coming out to say how mean or how hateful?  It wasn't mean and even the daughter gets in and says how funny it was for HERSELF included!

nonmember avatar Natalia

When did we become this uptight society? Nobody was hurt. They are all layered up and probably didn't feel much. These aren't elderly people walking out of the nursing home slipping and falling. Kids fall ALL the time, we are raising a bunch of pansies! Sheesh!!

nonmember avatar Lena

Oh, good gravy.

1) Can parents leave the pick-up line? Most schools request parents stay in their vehicles.
2) Can the school put salt on the sidewalk?
3) Can people chill out? Ice happens. People slip on ice. Unless someone gets seriously hurt, dust yourself off and chuckle. My Mimi taught me when I was 5 to giggle when I fall down because there's bound to be someone laughing. Really, get over it.

nonmember avatar Alexandra

It's all fun and games but betting if it was one of the top 2 commenters kids that fell, they'd go batsh*t crazy. Just saying, I see allparents thinking its cute and funny when it isn't theirs, but God forbid you laugh at theirs and all hell breaks loose.

Happy... Happydad73

You are over sensitive and you lack a sense of humor.

Bruic... Bruickson

Wow, the writer sure sounds like she's loads of fun to be around.

nonmember avatar Natalia

@Alexandra well you'd LOSE that bet darling! When something is funny, it's funny! No one got hurt. These aren't old brittle bones hitting the ground. They are kids. They fall. They play sports. They fall. It's called life! BTW how much that bubble cost you? LMAO

mompam mompam

Really? How could he help? I work at a daycare and I watch a kid get off the buss and walk across the ice/snow to get in. I laughed at him the entire way the other day. He kept slipping and falling. He was laughing too. I was funny!

Annette Eakins

All in fun! Lighten up for petes sake!

worki... workingmama86

I don't see the big deal, but I honestly didn't find this video all that funny... I kind of felt bad for those kids lol

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