Miley Cyrus Would Be a Fool to Turn This Prom Invite Down (VIDEO)

Matt Peterson Miley Cyrus Prom ProposalAsking someone to prom these days is so much more complicated than it was back in mine. Back when I was in high school, being asked to prom was something that happened in the lunch room over a carton of chocolate milk or a Gatorade.

Today? It's all about the shock value. Enter Matt Peterson, an Arizona teenager who wants nothing more than for Miley Cyrus to go to prom with him. So how does he ask her in a way that she'll notice? By stripping down to his skivvies holding Miley's token foam finger. Yup, not so surprisingly -- Matt's naked proposal to Miley Cyrus has officially gone viral.

Check it out, here:


With more than 280,000 views on YouTube, Matt's prom proposal has quickly become one of my faves. I mean, you've got to give this kid credit: A) Thank GOODNESS he grew out of that mushroom cut phase of his life, and B) there's a pretty good shot Miley will ACTUALLY say yes, considering he's so kindly reminded her of the times they've met in the past.

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Was it a little risque? Of course. But it's still endearing and cute to see how long he's been a Miley fan. Best of luck, Matt -- if she doesn't go to prom with you, she's still so totally going to give you some concert tickets.

What do you think of Matt's prom proposal?

Image via Matt Peterson/YouTube

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