Paul Walker Left His $25M Fortune to His Teen Daughter -- With 1 Catch

After losing his life in a tragic auto accident this November, many of us have slowly been learning facts about Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker that have made us realize he was much more than just a pretty face. The thing that impressed me most was finding out that Paul was set to quit acting just so he could bond with and raise his 15-year-old daughter Meadow, who left her mother's home in Hawaii to live with the actor in California. The love he had for his teen daughter was evident, and it comes as no shock to me that he has left his entire fortune -- $25 million -- to Meadow. Yes, that means not one cent was left to his other family members or 23-year-old girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, which I think is fine and fair.

Ah, but there IS one weird catch.

Meadow will be unable to touch the money until she becomes an adult -- which is a totally, absolutely, completely reasonable and rational rule. What isn't so ordinary? According to court documents, Paul appointed his mother the guardian of Meadow.

Hmmm. That one could be tricky.

Yet another reason to love Paul: he kept his private life private and was very classy about not revealing the details behind his breakup with Meadow's mother, Rebecca Soteros. When Meadow chose to leave her mother's house and live with Paul, reports didn't surface in the media about any wrongdoing on mom's part. It's totally possible Meadow and Paul AND Rebecca decided it would be best for the teen to spend some quality time bonding with dad -- or there could be more behind it. The beautiful thing is that we don't know because this family seems to have enough respect for one another to keep those details to themselves.

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It's definitely a little odd that Paul would request Meadow be taken care of by grandma instead of her own mom, though. My immediate thought is that he felt, for whatever reason, she would be in better hands with his mom and that grandma was more trustworthy when it came to managing large sums of money. The family will hear the decision of a judge at the end of the month, who will determine whether Rebecca or Paul's mother will be granted guardianship. For the time being, Meadow is back living with her own mom. 

Do you think Paul made the right call leaving his entire fortune to his daughter and requesting his mom act as her guardian?


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Mark Cox

one major catch..cant do any guys as old as dad did with mom when she gets 16

nonmember avatar Lin

She's not the guardian of the child, she's the guardian of the estate until the child is an adult. It's pretty standard to appoint someone to be in charge of the money until the minor inheriting it is of legal age.

Frost... FrostyMelted

You've written this article in such a poor way that it was difficult, at first, to understand what's going on here. Thank you for providing links to the actual story. All that happened is he appointed his mother to be guardian of the estate - not guardian over the daughter. Big difference. If you're not romantically with someone, it makes perfect sense that you might not trust their judgment or ability to manage money. And, in fact, if you leave money in the form of a trust (which is what he should have done) you're under no obligation to make the parents the trustees or the guardians. Perfectly reasonable on his part.

BPayne09 BPayne09

Looks to me like you read the original articles and then changed everything around to try to make your story more interesting. The writers on this site kill me the way they make up their own facts instead of using the real ones.

Katie Bogdan Sunderlin

Ahh now that Lin has clarified it, it makes perfect sense that he left his mom in charge of the estate instead of his ex girlfriend. I don't know her at all or what type of person she is but I hate to see someone squander away his fortune and leave the poor girl not only without her father but the money he left to her to ensure she has a bright future when he can't be there

faith... faith2009123

Another poor little rich girl!! So sad! Why was he so careless??

MrsLa... MrsLandon2012

How DOESN'T this make sense(when you read the actual facts in the links)? He left his entire estate to his child(which most parents do regardless of how much they have), and appointed his mother to be the guardian of the ESTATE, not her(which again, most people would do if they weren't romantically involved is leave control over money to their parents/siblings). Please please get your facts right before you spew off an entire article(and I use that term loosely here) of your own opinions disguised as facts.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

It makes absolute sense, my father was conservator over my brother and mine's inheritance and he spent over half of it before we reached 18. That is why if something should happen to me I have granted guardianship and conservator ship of my son to my godfather.

Maxine Bell

I would think my son would do the same thing as Paul did if they were divorced.

chigi... chigirl1228

My husband has a life insurance policy and 1/3 of it goes to his daughter from his first marriage. If he passes away (God forbid) before she reaches adulthood, I am the gaurdian until she is either 18 and in college or 21. His ex wife will see none. That is how most people draw up their wills. You will learn once you see that magic lawyer someday.

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