Camera Captures Disturbing School Fight & Reveals True Bully (VIDEO)

fistHigh school student Kobe Nelson was recently suspended for two days after instigating a fight with another student. Okay, cool, fair enough, right? It's understandable that the administration would take action when it comes to disciplining a combative student. The only problem? Kobe didn't start the fight. In fact, a cellphone video shot of the whole encounter brought to light by Kobe's dad shows Kobe doing everything he can to get out of the situation without contributing to the violence.

It's one of the few occasions I can think of where any parent finds themselves thinking, Thank god for cellphones. The proof of his son's total lack of involvement combined with talks he had confirming what he'd already seen was all Kobe's dad needed to hear. He went after not just the bully, but the entire school with a total vengeance.

I know after watching the video (posted to YouTube after the fact) immediately had me on Team Kobe. Why on earth would the sheriff on school grounds spout such a different version of the facts?

Kobe's dad, Tommy Purvis, went after the principal who suspended his son without, he believes, having all the facts. He also drew attention to the aforementioned sheriff who apparently "mocked" Kobe for being too skinny. Purvis ripped into the school for suspending Kobe in light of all the proof that he wasn't the instigator. There's also significant history here: The kid responsible for Kobe's suspension used to regularly bully and beat him up at their middle school.

Purvis made enough of a ruckus that the school is "re-evaluating" its decision. That's great, but you kind of have to wonder about the long-term impact of Purvis' actions on his son. While I admire him for being such a staunch advocate for his son, he doesn't have to go back to school: Kobe does. Whatever his motivations, this might only anger the bully further and lead to more rough encounters that put Kobe in harm's way. Plus, I can't imagine the school is too psyched to have their name tarnished. In playing hard-ball this way, Purvis could have made more enemies for his son than he realized.

Do you think Kobe's dad went too far?


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chigi... chigirl1228

This little punk needs to get sucker punched one day. And he probably will when he gets out into the real world. And the little fucker who screamed where you going white boy needs to be shown what happens when you spout racist talk. Slap the bully with assault and the other little shit with a hate crime. Spend some time in cell block D and we will see who wins. Im tired of this stupid nonsense. Grow the fuck up. Seriously. And that is exactly what I would say when I went way over the heads of both the principal and the "sheriff" and went straight to the state police and request charges pressed.

Judith Bandsma

No, his father didn't go far enough.


Abbys... AbbysMom1017

You can hear right at the end of the video where one of the students yells at him "Don't go to the office white boy!" THAT is definitely a cause for concern because depending on the ages of these kids involved this situation could be made out as a hate crime. This father did what he thought was best to not only protect his child's safety but also protect his child's record so it wouldn't keep him from going to college. Do people not think about this? If the father did nothing about it you CafeMom writers would be labling him a dead beat parent. Good grief.

Katha... Katharine205

Kudos to that dad, he's teaching his son to stand up for the truth and justice.  I'm sure it'll cause far less problems for the boy than if he were to just roll over and take it.

nonmember avatar Mary C.

That infuriates me. He tried every way to leave and that lil punk kept dragging him back. Putting his hands on Kobe over and over. If that was my kid that that punk messed with I would have defiantly have made sure that lil punk got in trouble to fullest extent of the law and beyond. The ones that was there was also instigators. They need punished too. "White boy", really?!! Hate crime is what that was.

Amber Larae Sigmon

them little fuckers better be glad it wasn't my child. that's all I'm going to say about that. his dad probably needs to remove him from that school because it looks ghetto as shit anyway. stuff like this makes me so mad, espcially when black people want to yell about racism all the time.angry

nonmember avatar Melissa H.

We are our children's best did the right thing

the3Rs the3Rs

So proud of Kobe for standing his ground, holding his head high despite all the assholes around him. But, I don't think the dad went far enough. Charges should be pressed. And what kind of world are you promoting to suggest that he just let it go to avoid further trouble? You can't go through life being afraid to do the right thing.

Trick... Trickychic

The father did the right thing but he should have taken the video to the police as well.
I agree with Amber too, that school seems too ghetto for a nice kid like Kobe.

MomoJL MomoJL

Aw this video scares me. Teenage boys are terrifying.

I agree that Kobe's dad did the right thing, I'd be pissed!

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